How To Select Foods for a Kapha Ayurveda Type

Ayurveda dates back to five thousand years ago when the Indians discovered the science of curing various ailments of people. Through this science of healing, certain classifications have been made on the different states of the body and mind of individuals. One of this mind-body type is called Kapha which stands for the elements known as earth and water. People with Kapha body type usually have big bones, and do not like exercise, hence most of them are overweight. Kapha people love eating fatty and calorie laden foods as well as sweets, making them prone to diabetes and hypertension. If you are classified under this group, you can modify your lifestyle by eating selected foods. Here are tips to guide you:

  • Do away with sugary foods such as chocolates, candies, cakes, pastries and heavy syrups. You may have some of these foods once in a while, though very minimal. Indulgence is not good even when it is just once a week or so. The principle lies on moderation and frequency. Have sweets but only minimally and less frequently.
  • Go for foods that are light yet dry, pungent and bitter. Studies have shown that eating bitter foods actually help lower the sugar level. Bitter melons are ideal. Gourds are commonly dry, hence helpful also for people of the Kapha Ayurveda type. Light foods should be preferred because they do not put a heavy toll on the stomach since they are not hard to digest. Easily digested foods contribute to maximum absorption of nutrients by the body.
  • Pick the fiber. The best sources of fiber are vegetables and fruits hence eating beets, cauliflowers, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms and other greens is recommended. Be careful of your choice of fruits though, because most fruits are laden with sugars which can be detrimental to people who have diabetes. If you get the urge to munch on fruits, you might as well have some oranges and other citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C.
  • Substitute whole wheat bread with your usual white bread. It has been proven that whole wheat bread helps lower cholesterol as well as stabilize blood sugar. Whole wheat bread, unlike white bread contains a lot of fiber with very little sugar and salt added, if at all. Whole wheat bread is also a good substitute for mashed potatoes. Foods that are sources of carbohydrates are indispensable part of daily diet even for Kapha Ayurveda type people. Mashed potatoes have become a staple food for many Americans as they have it along with main courses like meat and poultry. However potatoes are too heavy on the digestive system. For a lighter meal, try having a slice or two of whole wheat bread.
  • Consume beans, lentils, mung, soy milk, and other legume types of food. You can have these foods in other forms such as tofu from beans. Add dairy products in your diet like cottage cheese, skim milk, diluted yogurt, buttermilk and controlled amount of goat milk.
  • Be aware of your calcium needs. You can obtain calcium primarily from fish, sea weeds, sea shells, squid and other sea products. Your protein needs should also be looked after. Turkey and chicken meat are rich in protein. Eggs are also good but discard the yolk if you have high cholesterol level.

The truth is – a Kapha Ayurveda type of person can eat just anything – albeit moderately. Every person needs all the nutrients necessary for good health however they should eat in moderation to avoid health problems that may arise later on due to over indulgence on certain foods.


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