How To Select Happy Hour Invitations

Nothing beats a really nice happy hour get-together after a tiring and exhausting day at work. You definitely deserve a glass of that mouth-watering liquor or delectable gourmet dishes from all the tiring hours spent on hard labor. Of course, you would want to arrange an instant hit party and a crucial aspect for making your party a success is to invite a lot of interested people. You would want to select invitations that would keep your guests feeling welcome and ready to indulge in your party. Here are some tips on how to select the right happy hour invitations for your prospective guests.

  • Take note of your guests. If you are planning on inviting people you barely know, such as coworkers or guys from the other department, you would need to prepare a detailed and concrete invitation. It must show the specifics like the time, date and place of the party. You could also include a map and instructions on how to locate the venue. Bear in mind that you should already have a final time and place for the happy hour before mentioning it to those who are invited.
  • Decide on the kind of invitation. Explore your choices. Brainstorm on the method that you think your guests would be most comfortable with. You could opt to have informal or formal invitations including word of mouth, text messages, e-mails or printed materials sent either directly to their houses or offices. Consider the type of gathering you are going to hold when you decide what type of invitation to use. For instance, word of mouth and e-mails are usually used for informal, small and casual drop-ins. On the other hand, formal invitations are utilized when planning on big and official events.
  • Employ a theme. In order to attract more guests, you should incorporate a certain theme for your happy hour party. For instance, if all the people who are going to attend are all sports enthusiast, you might consider holding your party in a sports bar or grill. You could also pattern your party for a significant event that recently took place in the office such as promotions, birthdays and engagements. In this manner, more guests would be encouraged and pushed to attend the occasion, taking into account all of the fun and enjoyment they would get.
  • Consult your budget. It is a basic rule to always check your allotted budget when doing the invitations. The type and kind of invitation would really depend on the amount of money that you have allocated for the promotion of the party. If you have more than enough budget, you could go for print invitations, adding a nice envelop for the cherry on top. If you are kind of short on the money though, there are a number of free online invitation services that you could always avail of. You could also ask your colleagues or co-workers to help you design your party invitations for you.

Be responsible always for the welfare of your guests. Try to invite only those who are of drinking age. Remember now to reserve the venue way before the date of the party!


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