How To Select Recessed Lighting

Are you building a new home and cannot decide which kind of lighting you want to put? Recessed lighting is a very popular choice because it not only has decorative qualities, but can also be controlled.

Selecting your recessed lighting involves three steps, choosing the housing, the trim, and the lamp. Follow these steps to select your recessed lighting:

Determine the kind of housing that you will need. The housing that you choose depends on the following factors:

  • Installation. New construction housings that are installed from the ceiling or renovation housings that can be installed from the room.
  • Insulation. Choose from IC or Non-IC housings depending on the insulation of your ceiling. A ceiling that is not insulated can use both.
  • Moisture. Depending on your positioning, decide if you will need a UL or UL/CUL listed housings.
  • Fire Safety. There are also different types of housings that protect you from fire like a firebox assembly, fire rated light covers or the less expensive EZ barrier fire rated enclosures.
  • Place of use. Housings also differ depending on how high or low you are going to place it.

Determine the kind of trim that you will need. The trim is the only part that is visible. Choose one that best fits the look of your room and is compatible with your housing. You can choose from the following kinds:

  • Baffle. For a narrow, downward light output. Because of this, glare and brightness are reduced. With baffles, you can control R, BR, and PAR kinds of lamps.
  • Decorative. These trims are for aesthetic purposes. Decorative trims come in different styles that can complement or emphasize your room’s theme.
  • Eyeball and Adjustable. If you want something that you can adjust, use an eyeball or adjustable trim.
  • Lens and Diffuser. For places where you do not need very bright lighting, use this kind of trim.
  • Open. These are the most basically designed kind of trims. With plain aesthetic use, open recessed lighting give maximum light output. It is best used for main rooms where people always gather.
  • Reflector. Another kind of trim that gives the maximum light output but through its design is the reflector. These are also very good to use for your main rooms.
  • Well Washer. Wall washers are used if you want to focus the light on to your walls. Use this for decorative purposes or to emphasize your paintings and other art.

Determine the kind of lamp that you will need. The basic kinds of lamps that you can choose from are as follows, however remember that there are many more kinds of lamps in shops that you can go to and choose from:

  • Compact Fluorescent. Compact fluorescent lamps are energy efficient. They last long and produce good lighting for general use.
  • Fluorescent. These kind of lamps are the most energy efficient out of all the lamps.
  • High Intensity Discharge. These are the brightest kinds of lamps. Choose from metal halide, high pressure sodium, or mercury vapor.
  • Incandescent. Incandescent lamps come in R, Par, or Halogen. You can choose from the three but they will all give you a warm, decorative brightness to fill your room.
  • Low Voltage. These lamps come in 12 volts. They are also energy saving and can be controlled. You can choose from MR and PAR lamps, or Bayonet and Bi-Pin lamps.

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to putting up your recessed lighting.


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