How To Select Shoes to Wear With Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts, which are popularly known as walking shorts, started out with the British army to be worn in tropical or hot climates. Nowadays, it is well know as a semi-casual trouser that can be worn by both men and women.

Materials used for Bermuda shorts vary. From plaid, denim, khakis and what not. However, Bermuda shorts are not to be confused with the typical Capri or cargo shorts. They may be of similar length, but Capri pants are a little longer and tighter while cargos are baggy.

While these pairs of shorts are very versatile, you must pay attention to your footwear in order for you to carry out the elegant-casual look. If you are thinking about wearing a pair of Bermudas, yet hesitant because you are having a hard time picking the perfect pair of shoes to wear, here are some steps that may just help you.

  • Consider the kind of look that you want. Think dressy or casual? For the more casual get up, go for canvas shoes like Chuck Taylors. Athletic shoes can be another alternative and they are very comfortable to wear. Substitute sneakers with a pair of nice flats or loafers if you want to look a little dressier. Since Bermuda shorts are tailored and sheet, all you really have to worry about is if the material of your shoes compliments your whole outfit.
  • Get spunky once in awhile. To add a little persona in your wardrobe, try wearing a pair of wedges with your Bermudas with a nice plain top. Not only will those wedges emphasize on your legs (if they are nice and lean), they also look very chic when worn with shorts.
  • Heels for late nights. If the season calls for it and you are up for an evening date or late night out with friends, try putting on a pair of pumps to give your Bermuda shorts a classy and cute look. Heels if you are going out on a date.
  • Tasseled shoes for the beach bum look. Bermuda shorts was named as that because of the fact that it originated from the Bermudas, a tropical island surrounded by water. Try out a pair of tassel shoes for the elegant casual beach bum look.
  • Go canvas. It’s always safe to wear canvas shoes with your Bermuda shorts most especially if you are just going out to the mall or to do errands. They are very comfortable compared to heeled footwear and the material easily matches with the Bermudas tailored cut.
  • Take time to shop. In shopping for the right pair of shoes to wear with your Bermuda shorts, make sure that you pick something that is versatile and can match majority if not all of your tops and shorts. That way you are not spending too much money and are learning to be a smart shopper.
  • Do not wear socks. Socks, most especially the knee high ones are a big no-no for Bermuda shorts. They don’t compliment the trousers’ length and can just end up distracting passersby. If you want to wear socks, make sure to buy those that only cover the sole of your feet and your toes.

With these simple steps and procedures, you can never go wrong with those Bermuda shorts.


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