How To Select Shoes to Wear With Wide-Leg Pants (Women)

Wide-legs, more commonly known as bell-bottoms back in the 1960’s and 70’s just started out as widely flared bottoms worn in the U.S. Navy. It become fashionably worn by women in the late 60’s and early 70’s when it became part of the hippie movement and are now more known as vintage or retro clothing.

Several decades have passed and wide-leg pants continue to be popular along women. It has been tailored to the modern woman’s body contour and is now worn not only casually, but as office wear as well.

Tall or short, this new yet classic trend will instantly make you chic and in style considering that you know how to pair it up with a nice, complimenting top and of course a pair of shoes. To help you with your shoe shopping, here are a few practical tips that you should take into consideration.

  • Choose wide heeled pumps for dressier work environments. Since the leg opening of your pants is bigger, it would give it a more balanced look if you have chunkier pumps over slim and pointer ones.
  • Match your belt with the color or material used in your shoes. Wearing a belt that matches your shoes look very good with wide legs but it gives your entire look a balanced and yet funky look. While wearing the same shade for everything can readily overpower the style and flare of your wide legs, wearing a few accessories that are the same color of your shoes can readily accentuate your overall look.
  • Try on some loafers for a more casual work look. That’s right! Driving flats are very comfortable to wear and can fit your retro get up provided that your wide leg pants are not to long. They are not too casual and can be worn as part of your office get up if you are thinking about not being too dressy in the office.
  • Wear boots that fit snuggly. As mentioned several times earlier, it is important that you set a balance in your entire look. Too much bulk will only ruin your wardrobe and this applies in the boots that you wear. Choose boots that are snug and fit just right on your feet and lower leg.
  • Regularly shine your shoes. Not only are you prolonging the lifespan of your shoes with this procedure, you are also giving it a polished appearance that can easily make your outfit seem dressy and chic.
  • Black shoes are the safest to wear. That is except if your top is pastel in color. These usually require you to wear shoes that are of the same color with your top. Earth colors like brown, black, white, green and the like look great with black, whether you are wearing a pair of pumps, sandals or wedges. So have a pair of black shoe as a staple for you wide leg pants.

So what are you waiting for? Are you just going to waste your wide legs and keep them inside your closet to smell like mothballs? It's time to make an overhaul of your shoe wardrobe for a dressier and stylish you.


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