How To Select Stockings for Sexy Legs

Stockings make your legs look leaner and sexier. Not only do they hide imperfections, but most importantly, they emphasize your gams when wearing short dresses. Stockings come in several types and style for different types of dresses. In choosing stockings, you have to take into consideration several factors to ensure a stunning and head-turner look. If a party is coming up and you are deciding on a dress to wear and the perfect stockings that will complement it, but you have no idea which type of stockings suits certain types of dresses, then not to worry. This article will give you tips on how to choose stockings for those sexy legs of yours. Read on.

  • Take out the dress that you will be wearing. If you are wearing a simple black dress, black opaque stockings are the best complement. Whatever colors your dress is, make sure that you match it with the same color of stockings, especially if the occasion is formal.
  • Consider the occasion. If you are going to a wedding reception, intricate designs and loud colors are a no-no. Do not stand out in the crowd the wrong way. You should stand out because you carry yourself well with the dress and stocking you are wearing. If it is an informal gathering, you can experiment with colored stockings.
  • Choose from different kinds of stockings. There is the fishnet stockings, which has been in use for many years but still do not lose its elegance, the thigh highs, which you can wear with any kind of dress, with or without a garter belt and the pantyhose, which is like a pair of leggings. Whatever you decide to use, be sure that it is the right pair for your dress.
  • Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you do not look raunchy. The wrong pair of stockings will ruin your outfit in no time. Remember: do not wear fishnet stockings with very short skirts and high heels, or it will send out the wrong message. When wearing long dresses, there is no more need to wear stockings, as it will just cover your legs.
  • Take note of your company’s rules. If your work attire consists of a skirt, then you should take into consideration your company’s policy regarding dressing for work. Black or skin tone stockings are acceptable. Never wear colored stockings to work.

Wearing stockings is the best way to emphasize your beautiful legs. Buy them in different kinds and colors so you can just grab one whenever you are going out. Keeping a stock in your lingerie drawer will enable you to choose and mix and match for the best look. Throw away those pairs that have runs on them. Runs are a disaster. Not only are they unsightly, but they are embarrassing as well. It is also advisable that you stash a pair of the same kind you are wearing when you go out so that in the event that you get runs on your stockings, you can quickly replace them.


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