How To Select the Right Paint for Interior Window Sills

Redecorating can be fun and can add loads of difference in any room. If you want to redecorate your room but refuse to spend a lot of money, you can turn your attention to your windows. If you have a big window where you can attach a windowsill, then you can start your redecorating project. Windowsill is the area at the base of your window that appears to be a border.

Readymade moldings can be purchased in home improvement stores. You can easily attach the moldings at the base of your window to create a beautiful frame. If sills already frame your windows, you can repaint the area to create a remodeled look.

You will need to select the right paint for interior window wills. There are several types of paint that you can use for your painting or repainting project. You can opt to use semi-gloss or gloss enamel, but you need to apply a primer before you use these paints. If you want to skip the primer, you can use non-latex based paint, a varnish, or a catalyzed enamel type of paint.

Ideally, you should apply paint to windowsills while they are not yet attached to the windows. Find an open area in your garage and lay down the moldings for you to paint on. If, however, the windowsills already exist, then you will need to be patient in painting the area.

Purchase paint that will match the color of the room. If you want to make the windowsills blend in the wall, you will need to purchase a paint that is of the exact shade as that of your wall. If you want the windowsills to stand out, then use a contrasting color. Include a clear varnish on your purchase if you want the windowsills to appear shiny.

When selecting the right paint for your windowsill, you will need to consider the area that you will be painting. In most cases, you will need a very small amount of paint for the project. Ask about the coverage of the paint so that you will not be purchasing more than you need. Choose a paint that is easy to clean up. If you are repainting the area, you will need to cover up the floor and the window glass to avoid staining these areas. Use old newspapers to protect the floor and glass. Ask the salesperson on the best way to remove stains for the specific brand that you are using.

Consider different brands of paints before you decide on which to purchase. Check out and compare the prices of each, and the ease of application. Ensure you and your family’s safety when purchasing paints. Read and understand the label and follow the instructions religiously. Some paints can be harmful to your lungs so wear a facemask to ensure safety. If you need to remove paint from existing windowsills, wear a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes when sanding the area. Work on one area at a time and do not attempt to put too much paint on your brush to avoid dropping paint on the floor.


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