How To Select Visual Brain Teasers

In the same way as abstract pictures and paintings do, visual brain riddles and teasers challenge your ability in recognizing patterns incorporated in complicated images and pictures. You need to be meticulous in solving these visual brain exercises because every detail should be given ample attention in order to identify and pinpoint patterns. In these teasers, employing logic is a must to break the codes. And so if you are up for the challenge, here are a few tips to help you in selecting visual brain teasers and exercise that mind of yours.

  • Search for complicated visual elements. You should be looking for complex and difficult visual elements. Check for images that have contrasting colors, intricate patterns on the background, and elements that are dissimilar and unrelated as the overall theme and design.
  • Try visual puns. Visual puns are usually referred to are phrases or words arranged in configurations that are odd and bizarre. One example of this is the word "Mill1on." Instead of the letter ‘i’ in the middle, it was replaced with a numeral. One in a million" is the answer to this visual brain teaser.
  • Check out visual puzzles that employ skills in Math. If you are a Math wizard, you can try visual brain teasers that make use of your skills in numbers. Some puzzles available actually require the capability of manipulating geometric shapes and formulas. If you think you can handle these kinds of brain activity, try a tangram first. These are puzzles that come in the form of geometric shapes, which requires you to disconnect and part them into pieces so as to create another picture or image.
  • Look for optical illusions. Many of these are available on the web. One type of these illusions is that which appears to show one thing at first glance. However, when you look at it for a longer time, it will turn into image. A classic example of this is when the image of an old woman will slowly turn into a good-looking bar maid.
  • Search for visual brain teasers that require comparison. These are easy enough to look for. You can find them in newspaper, video games in restaurants and arcades, and the like. This kind of puzzle requires you look for differences between two seemingly similar but actually different pictures.

There are a lot of ways to look for visual puzzles. Be patient enough in looking for visual brain teasers that use logic, mathematical equations and spatial relations as well. There are magazines out there that you can subscribe to which provide visual puzzles that are original with tips in solving them and in creating your very own brain teasers. Do not be tired of looking for meaning incorporated in abstract images and choose visual puzzles that require the employment various skill levels so you will be able to track your improvement. Doing this kind of activity is an excellent way to increase your brain power than just specializing in a single puzzle type.


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