How To Sell a Car as Scrap Metal

Old cars may be sold to car dealers or if it is a really old car or a wrecked one, you may one to consider selling it as scrap metal. It is possible to earn money with what others may consider as junk. Cars as scrap metal are no new things in this aspect. If you have an old car that you want to get rid of badly because it does not work, selling it as scrap metal may be the solution to your problem. Here is how you can sell a car as scrap metal.

  • Prepare your car. Before scrapping your car, make sure it will sell more as scrap than a working car. Any working or running car is worth more than a car as scrap metal. If you can still drive it, try selling it on Craigslist or any other site online.
  • Look for local scrap yards. Also try looking for salvage, junk, or wrecking yards around your area. Find out how much they pay for scrap metals of a car. Usually, they will offer a price per 100 pounds. Do not go to a scrap yard that gives a set fee because you will not be making the most out of the car.
  • Ask for the scrap yard’s requirements. Some scrap yards require you to drain all the fluids and remove the gas tank while others do not. Bother asking if they do because it might save you the time and effort from doing these. Ask if the glass needs to be removed and any other details that they may require.
  • Scrap your car. If they require you to drain the fluids, drain the brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, the radiator and the windshield washer. Remove the battery of your car, the air filter, the wires, engine, radiator, spark plugs, distributor cap, exhaust, transmission, headlights, tires, seats, dashboard and the carpeting. Remember to save and set aside the parts that may still be sold.
  • Bring the car or have it picked-up. Ask the buyer if they can pick up the car for scrap metal or if you have to bring it to them. If it will be picked-up, make clear how the payment will go. When your car is also picked up, you may be required to have a title to scrap your car as most states require this. Ask the scrap yard about this and get the details if you need a title.
  • Consider donating your car to charity. Charities are more than willing to accept your donation so that they can recycle and reuse some parts of your car. Habitat for Humanity, for example, scraps cars and other vehicles so that the parts may be used to construct homes. You may search online to know if your car is acceptable.

Knowing where to sell scrap metal is easy. However, many may offer you a lower price than what you can actually get. Compare the price offers of the different scrap yards to get the most money out of your car.


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