How To Sell a Car in Maryland

No matter how much we feel about our cars, there comes a time when you will have to sell it off. Cars are indispensable and disposable as newer. More fuel efficient and better models come into the market every year. The older your car gets, the more difficult it becomes to sell. Some countries have a five-year turnover for their current vehicles and some have engine emission tests to check if the car’s engine is up to current standards.

Below are a few tips and reminders you need to be aware of if you plan to sell your old car in the state of Maryland.

  • Fix it up. You would know all the little problems and dents and dings that your car has accumulated over the years if you’ve been using it. So, when the time comes that you're going to sell it, the best thing that you can do is to fixed it all up. Tune up your engine and buff out all the dents and scratches on the body. Fix all the faulty parts of your car so that it can have a better resale value rather than selling it as is.
  • Maryland rules. Read up on rules and regulations regarding car sale and transfer of ownership in the state of Maryland. You can dig up information online or visit your local MVA for information regarding rules that govern vehicle sales in Maryland. Each state has different responsibilities assigned to both seller and buyer. The more familiar either of you two regarding your responsibilities, the quicker the sale of the vehicle can go. Being knowledgeable of the law also protects you as a seller from any kind of underhanded dealings or non-payment from the buyer.
  • Have the necessary documents prepared. Important documents like title, registration, and insurance are the first things prospective buyers look for. This assures them that the car they’re buying isn’t stolen and the owner has been responsible with the upkeep of the vehicle. If you do not want to present the original document, have copies made so you can show prospective buyers that you’re all above board. Eventually, you will transfer the original documents to the new owners so have it all ready. In the event if your title is missing, you can order a duplicate title by simply completing the MVA “Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title” or form # VR-018.
  • Give back the plates. Maryland is quite strict when it comes to uninsured vehicles. So to protect yourself and your buyer, you need to return the car’s license plates to the MVA and keep the receipt. After giving back the plates, you can cancel the insurance on the car.

Selling your car in Maryland seems like a complicated process but these steps are made to ensure that both parties are protected and that the state is aware of the transfer of ownership. There are a lot of documents to obtain and to fill out. But given how strict Maryland is about their registration laws, it will be well worth the hassle of filling up and filing the forms.

Site of note: Unofficial guide to selling a car in Maryland.


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