How To Sell a Junk Car in Ohio

Junk cars, or junkers, as they’re best known, are vehicles that are basically worth more in pieces than as a whole. The car parts can still be sold, but the entire car wouldn’t be worth anything. It’s possible for your car to break down and still be sold off as spare parts and as scrap iron.

Selling off these junkers in Ohio is quite easy and you can still turn a profit from your junker instead of leaving out in the open to rot due to exposure to the elements. Turning over your car to salvage yard is also the responsible thing to do because you’re helping with the recycling efforts of the state of Ohio.

  • Gather up your car’s paperwork. Locate your car’s title and registration along with other pertinent documents like insurance, repair and maintenance records. This is proof of ownership and indicates to the salvage yard that you’re legally selling your car and not a stolen car. If you’re selling the car for parts the paperwork will allow mechanics know about the state your car’s parts are in and the kind of money you can get for it.
  • When selling the car for parts. You can get in touch with mechanics in garages or auto parts stores and let them know you’re selling your car for spare parts and scrap metal. They will be asking you your car’s make, model, years of service and mileage in the odometer. They will ask you this because they may have a lot of your car’s parts in stock and may not be interested in your junker.
  • When selling the car to salvage yards. You can use phone books or the Internet to locate and contact salvage yards in your area of Ohio. Get in touch with these salvage yards and see what kind of price you can get for your car. As much as possible, find a salvage yard close to your area of Ohio as some salvage yards will let you shoulder the cost of towing. Take into consideration if they’re willing to pick up your junker and whether or not you’ll have to pay for the junker to be towed to their salvage yard.
  • Advertise in newspapers. Take out an ad in your local newspaper along with the larger towns in your area. Ohio’s bigger cities like Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Toledo have newspapers that have classified ads. A lot of people outside of these cities read their newspaper and that exposes your ad to a wider audience. You can run an ad for your vehicle as parts to sell it as is.
  • Remove license plate. You’ll need to remove your license plate from the junker as well. Removing the license plate is easy to do using tools at home to remove the license. Removing the license protects yourself because the license is registered to you and leaving it on a car in a salvage yard could get you in hot water in the event someone uses those plates to abet criminal activities.


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