How To Sell a Medical Invention

A revolutionary medical invention comes only once in a lifetime. Once you finish up your invention, you have become part of a select group of people who have made life on this planet better by coming up with a beneficial medical invention that improves and prolongs our quality of life.

You may have created something that will benefit the whole world but that doesn’t mean that you won’t reap the rewards of your hard work and inspiration. Being able to come up with a medical invention to better the life of millions and benefiting from the money that comes with it is like having your cake and eating it too.

Below are your intermediate steps to patenting and selling your invention.

  • Create a prototype. Ideas, research and notes cannot qualify for copyright and patent protection so you need to come up with a working model or a tangible product of your invention. Your working prototype will help you sell or market your invention to interested parties quicker and more effectively.
  • Get a patent. Go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and get a provisional patent for your medical invention. Commonly referred to as a “patent pending” this will cover your rights as the inventor and/or discoverer of your invention and will make sure that your intellectual property rights are seen to and taken care of. A provisional patent grants protection and allows you to market your invention for a year while you either look for a marketing plan for your invention or fine tune the small niggling details of your invention. Once the year is over, you have to apply for a full patent. It’s best that you visit your local United States Patent and Trademark Office for details on how to patent your invention, provisional or otherwise.
  • Approach the FDA. Any medical innovation needs to be thoroughly inspected and certified by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. This branch of the government will review your research and your invention to make sure that it is safe for public consumption and that all safety and health issues are covered. Visit the local branch of the FDA and fill in the appropriate forms to certify your invention.
  • Network, network, network! The medical profession is a small, insular and cloistered industry so you need to be able to get your name and your product out there for hospitals, pharm companies and medical suppliers to learn about your invention. Places and events that are known in the medical industry are a great place to showcase your invention and the benefits it can give to mankind. Attend medical conventions and trade shows. Get the contact numbers of people who can help you manufacture and market your product. If you receive the backing and support of a medical industry powerhouse or a well-respected doctor or specialist you can easily penetrate the market and clean up.
  • Be aggressive in selling your invention. Don’t just sit around waiting for their call to come in. Follow up on any agreements or meetings you’ve set up. Don’t waste time waiting for them to contact you as some other person with the same idea may come in and take your opportunity from you.


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