How To Sell a Screenplay

In the world today, behind every great cinema epic to come out in the summer cinema fest is a great director. And behind every great cinema director crafting a theatric epic is a brilliant screenplay. You must wonder what it takes to write and churn out that legend of a screenplay. But more importantly, how you are going to make the people that matters believe in your words.

Almost, if not all, believes that they can write and create a screenplay. But not everyone holding a screenplay at his hand will get that chance from the Hollywood brass. This summer, winter, spring, or fall, one screenplay will be given that once in a lifetime chance of being produced if only the writers knew how. Here are some tips on how to sell a screenplay.

  • Casting call. One writer. One desire. In the city, in order to survive, the screenplay writer must know what he needs. The right weapons and the right tools will turn the writer’s dream to reality. But before that happen the writer must prepare a few things before making that pitch. The first member of the preparation cast is the logline. A logline is a, three to four sentences, description that tells the plots, the main characters and the main conflict in the screenplay. This should be written well. Be creative and detailed in the premise but never reveal the important turns. Up next is the draft of your screenplay’s synopsis. This is a succinct and clear version of your screenplay. And lastly, know your story by heart. Be ready to tell the story with passion. So, when you are given a chance to speak in front of the people that matters you can really capture their imagination.
  • You should know some people who know some people. Now, that you are all set to sell that screenplay you must know whom to sell it to. Reach out to various production companies and even some film studios. Ask them who to give the screenplay that you have written. In some cases, you must go through an agent to sell your screenplay. The agent can give you connections that you can only imagine having.
  • When you met Sally. You meet people for a reason. Use them. It is better that a person that you know, or at least a person your friend knows, is the one who delivers the screenplay. Unsolicited submissions have a nasty habit of being neglected. So, if you believe your screenplay is the one, go the extra mile in delivering it.
  • Full feature film or Indie shorts? The screenplay should be neatly categorized. Regular films run for about 100 up to 140 pages.
  • Definitely maybe. Be sure that your screenplay is perfectly written. Keep checking the grammar and spelling. Typos are not welcome in Hollywood. Ask an editor to look at your script. Make sure that you put the right information on the first page. This includes your name and contact information.
  • Join the race. There are some producers who hold contests for the next best screenplay outside of the Hollywood circuit. This is the chance for new screenplay writers like you. A good example is the Greenlight project by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

In a world where each one has a story, your voice should stand out. Write well and send your screenplay properly.


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