How To Sell Football Cards

If you have football cards at home, it is a good idea to sell them to make some money. Why not, a lot of people are in search of football cards to add in their collection. With the number of possible customers, the number of profits you can get out of it can also increase. To help you with this, check out some of these tips in selling football cards:

  • Evaluate the football cards that you have with you. There is no point about selling cards that are not in good condition at all. If you have cards that are already bent up, take them away from the collection you want to sell. Don't waste your time in football cards like this as they will not give you money in the end. For the cards you will be selling, make sure you organize them very well by team, type, and other factors.
  • Use a price guide to know your cards' worth. You can purchase the Becket Football Price Guide from stores near you. This is a good investment to help you in determining the worth of the cards you are trying to sell. You can also search for a price guide in the Internet if you don't prefer buying a price guide for yourself.
  • Know the right time to sell the football cards. There are some kinds of football cards that will sell better during a certain period of the season. For instance, rookie cards will sell higher early in the football season. Hence, do not hold your rookie cards too long as they will depreciate in value later in the picture.
  • Sell high dollar value cards to card shops. Special insert cards and rookie cards can be worth a large amount. Hence, it is better to sell them off individually. You can also take these cards to the sports card shop's owner and check whether he is interested or not in purchasing your cards. If the owner gives you a satisfactory price, sell them without a question. Do not sell the cards if the owner is offering you a very low price as compared to what is reflected in the price guide.
  • List the more expensive cards on eBay. If you are not successful selling the cards to the card shop, it is better to list down your cards on eBay. This is a very easy way you can sell your cards without giving too much effort and attention.
  • Sell the other smaller value cards on eBay, too. The lower dollar football cards can be worth some money, too. Hence, you can sell them on eBay as well. Distribute the cards per team and post them in the Internet. A lot of people looking for cards of their most favorite football team will be your sure customers.

Though football cards cannot offer you a fortune when you sell them, you can at least get a decent amount out of them especially if you are not at all using this stuff at home. However, if you want to become a regular investor in football cards, you can make a good profit out of it in the end particularly if you understand the trading techniques of these cards.


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