How To Sell Gold Bars

The best way to invest your money today is through gold bars. As compared to gold coins, investing on gold bars gives you a protection against inflation. Plus, the process of making a profit out of gold bars is as simple as buying out a few pieces and then selling them in an appropriate date. To help you succeed in this kind of investment, know the following tips in selling gold bars:

  • Find reputable dealers in your area. It is important that you start working on your investment by finding a good dealer that you can trust. You can use your local yellow pages to find dealers to choose from. Or, you can go the easy way by making use of various online sources.
  • Determine gold's current spot price. This refers to the current rate of gold per 100 grams or per troy ounce. Make sure you get the spot price only from trusted financial resources.
  • Determine what kind of gold bars you have in hand. Take note that you can only calculate the correct value of a gold bar if you know exactly what kind of gold bar you have. Check the certificate or stamp that came with the purchase of the gold bars. You will see there the gold percentage that your bars have. However, if you do not know this fact yet, it is better to let a professional value it before you consider selling it.
  • Calculate the cost of your bars. If you have bullion bars or the ones that contains almost a hundred percent gold, you can get the exact cost of the bars by multiplying the weight of each bar by the determined spot price. However, take note that in gold bars without a hundred percent gold content, the calculations can be different. Usually, this is computed depending on the gold content of the bars and also the collector interest on each of them.
  • Sell the gold bars to your choice of dealer. At the first step, you have already found a good local dealer where you can sell your bars. Bring your gold bars to the store and make sure you understand the sales agreement before locking the deal.
  • Sell the gold bars online. It is also possible to sell the gold bars to online gold dealers. You can even list the gold bars in eBay for more convenience. However, you must practice more caution when considering this selling option. You must make sure that you have the payment in hand or in your account already before you ship the gold bars to the buyer.
  • Shop around for dealers that will offer you the best rates. Even if you know the current value of your bars already, some dealers will offer a higher rate for your bars. Hence, it will pay you a lot if you will shop around for various dealers. This way, you can find the best deal that you can ever get out of your investments.

You can really never fail in your gold bar investments. This is most especially true if you know how to properly sell all your gold bars for profit. Take note that all throughout the selling process, you cannot afford to make even the slightest mistake. Remember that even a small mistake can cost you a huge value in your investments.


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