How To Sell Gold Jewelry in St. Louis

If you have gold jewelry that you no longer use, you can sell them in exchange for some cash. And if you happen to be in St. Louis, Missouri, you are lucky. You have various opportunities to get a good sum out of your gold items. If you are considering selling gold jewelry, here are some things you must keep in mind:

  • Know the current market value of the jewelry you wish to sell. This is the starting point of your selling task. You have to know the correct value of your items so you have knowledge when speaking of how much you can get out of your jewelry. Without the proper knowledge, you can end up being underpaid when you sell your jewelry. To know gold's current market value, check the spot price in the market first. Then, multiply it to the weight of the gold jewelry you have.
  • Put up an advertisement for the gold jewelry. Consider paying for advertisements in the local paper. Take note that most of the time, it is better to sell the gold jewelry to an individual and not to a business. This is because you can expect individuals to pay more for the jewelry than businesses. Consider placing the ads in St. Louis Riverfront Time or St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
  • Place advertisements of your jewelry online. You can hit a bigger market if you post your advertisements online. will give you the opportunity to reach more people without paying anything for your advertisements. Just make sure that you host your advertisement in the St. Louis page under the jewelry section.
  • Consider selling the gold pieces to jewelry stores. There are a lot of jewelry store options in St. Louis that you can choose to transact to. However, this option will best serve you only if you have jewelry pieces that are in good condition. A jewelry store can buy your items for resale or a store can offer to sell the gold jewelry through a consignment basis. The latter allows the store to sell the gold jewelry and collect a certain commission the moment it sells. Some of the best jewelry shops you can consider in St. Louis are Vinciguerra Jewelry, Neustaedter's Fine Jewelry, and Hamilton Jewelers.
  • Consider selling it to a local pawn shop in St. Louis. This must be your last resort when trying to sell gold jewelry. This is because even though you can sell the item quickly, you can get a low rate out of your jewelry. To get the best deal when considering pawn shops, make sure you shop around two or more pawn shops for your jewelry. It is also best if you can negotiate the price to pay for your item. Some of the pawn shops you can check out in St. Louis are AC Pawn Shop, Lee's Pawn and Jewelry, and First Cash Pawn.

So who says selling jewelry in this city is a challenge? The wide list of options in selling your items makes everything a lot easier for you. However, it is still best to be patient and to be wise when selling your jewelry. This way, you can guarantee good returns in the end.


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