How To Sell Group Health Insurance

Selling group health insurance can be a very lucrative career. If this is a career path you want to take, here’s how you can go about it so you can sell group health insurance.

  • Get the necessary state licensing. Before you can run any type of insurance, most states require that you get the necessary education and pass the licensing exam. You need to have a specific number of educational hours under your belt to be able to take the test. Also, to be able to renew your license, you need to have a certain number of required continuing education classes.
  • Decide if you want to be a broker or work as a direct agent for a specific company. There are two ways to go about selling group health insurance. One is to become a broker and the other as a direct agent. If you are a broker, you will have access to different health insurance companies that you can offer to your clients. This may give you the flexibility you need so you have something to offer everyone. On the other hand, as a direct agent, you have more credibility and you will work exclusively to sell the products of the company you are working for. Both types are commission based, although it may be harder to establish yourself as a broker since you need to build your own business reputation to become successful.
  • Study the different plans you offer. Before you can sell something, you need to know what it is about. Learn the nuances and specifics of your product plans. If there is more than one type, be ready to explain the pros and cons of each one. You need to be able to explain the differences between various types of plans and make the necessary suggestions based on the requirements of the client.
  • Contact the human resources manager of various companies. To be able to sell, you need to talk to the people who make the decisions for the employees. Your first step is human resources. You can even do a cold call and make a short spiel. Getting an appointment is crucial in getting your foot in the door. It will also help you build a relationship with the client. To get a listing of managers and companies, you can purchase a list from a database or respond to inquiries.
  • Set an appointment. The appointment is the time to establish rapport and also make your presentation. Be ready to listen to the client so you can customize a plan specific to their needs. Get the necessary information beforehand so you can make a proposal based on the company data. You’ll need the number of employees of the company and you may also ask beforehand what features they would like for their health plan.
  • Be patient. Making a sale takes time, especially when you are selling a group plan. Make the necessary follow up call but realize that some responses will take time.

It’s important that you always conduct yourself in a professional manner. Be personable so you can get other people to relax in your presence. You should be able to establish rapport with different people and learn to be flexible to the demands of the client. You can be successful as a health insurance broker as long as you have an outgoing personality, you are organized and remain constant in keeping in touch with your existing clients and establishing new contacts for more future sales.


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