How To Sell RVs on Craigslist

Craigslist is an online community where anyone from all over the world can advertise jobs, properties for sale, services and the like. This website serves over 570 cities in 50 countries, so it is possible to transact your business with people from all over the world. Craigslist started operation in 1995 as a distribution list of emails to the founder’s friends about events happening in San Francisco’s Bay Area. It became what it is today in 1996. If you have anything you want to sell, post a free advertisement on Craigslist. RVs, or recreational vehicles can be put up for sale in Craigslist. If you have one such vehicle, this website may just find you a potential buyer. Read on to learn more about how to sell your RV on Craigslist.

  • Post an advertisement on Craigslist. Go to so you can start advertising your RV for sale. On the left part of the home page, click the Post to Classifieds option. Choose the type of posting that you will make. Click the For Sale option. Make sure that you do not post recalled and prohibited items. Next, look for the Recreational Vehicles tab. Yes, there is a section devoted for the sale of RVs. This is where you will make your posting. Make a description of your vehicle: its specifications, price, and the real condition of the recreational vehicle. You have to be very honest in describing the vehicle, or you risk having it returned when the buyer is not satisfied with the vehicle’s condition. You can also add images of the vehicle for sale to make potential buyers evaluate the look of your RV.
  • Relist your ad. You can repost your advertisement every few days so you can be at the top of the listing. Use some symbols at the beginning of your ad to make your posting unique. Doing this will also place your posting at the top of the list of similar for sale items. Use symbols like the dollar sign, plus sign, asterisk and number sign at the beginning of your post.
  • Let potential buyers contact you. How do you this? First, do not give all the information away in your posting. List only the most important information like the year and make of the RV, and its condition. Second, post just enough pictures for potential buyers to be curious about your RV. Doing this will make the buyers contact you for more information. This way, you can talk to each potential buyer personally and then you can do your sales pitch over the phone or email. You can then practice your convincing powers to make your contact buy your vehicle. If you live near each other, you can arrange for a meeting so that he can take a look at the vehicle and decide if he wants to buy your RV. Prior to your meeting, make sure that you take your RV to the car wash to make it look neat and clean. You can then negotiate the price such that you and the buyer will be satisfied.

Now that you have learned of ways in selling your RV in Craigslist, you can also put more free ads in the site if you have more things you want to sell.


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