How To Sell Surfboards

Surfboards are what people use to go surfing. There are a lot of shops that sell surfboards for pro, non-pros, and beginners. And if you’re knowledgeable on surfing, you can try selling some. Selling surfboards can be fun, especially if you’re a surfer yourself. There are a lot of people who want to learn how to surf so selling surfboards can be a fine business venture. Plus, a surfboard seller can help out by providing ideas on how to choose the proper surfboard. There are various ways on how you can sell surfboards. Here’s how.

  • Stock up some surfboard knowledge. Before you can sell surfboards, you need to be knowledgeable on surfboards so you can make a proper sale. Potential customers will inquire about the surfboards you’re selling so it’s better to be prepared in answering their questions. Browse the Internet for some surfboard information or subscribe to magazines that specialize in surfing such as Surfer Magazine and Surftime. These magazines have columns and articles about surfboards. You can also join online communities about surfing and ask for some surfboard 101. They’d be happy to share information. Another way you can gain information is by asking some surfers about their surfboards. You can ask tips on how to spot a good surfboard.
  • Learn how to surf. If the only thing that’s making you want to sell surfboards is the idea of surfing then you’re not going to be successful in the surfboard business. You need to learn how to surf in order to sell surfboards. A hands-on experience can take you miles in properly advertising and convincing potential buyers that you sell quality surfboards so start learning now. There are classes you can attend to learn how to surf for a fee. Or if you have a surfer friend, you can ask him to teach you how. Anyhow, doesn’t matter on how you learn, just make sure that you know how by the time you’re actually selling surfboards.
  • Do some training. If you really want to learn how to sell surfboards properly, you can apply as an assistant in stores that sell surfboards. This is a great way to gain experience before actually selling surfboards yourself. Also, surfers tend to have a lingo of their own, so helping out a surfboard shop or hanging out with surfers can give you a great advantage in selling surfboards.

If you don’t want to personally sell surfboards to people in a shop, you can just do so by posting a surfboard you want to sell online. Surfboard Shack is a site that lets you sell surfboards online. You can also try eBay, Craigslist, or surfing forums. Either way you choose, you’ll end up selling surfboards.

Selling surfboards can be a fun not just because of the profit you get from it but the many people you can interact with during transactions. If you’re a surfer, you can use it as an advantage to sell surfboards. Just be patient and persistent because it’s still a business.


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