How To Send a Scanned Document as a Fax

While it is possible to send all types of documents via fax, there are some instances when some documents will not be legible or recognizable when sent through fax. If a fax machine is only capable of sending documents in black and white, colored documents may not come out as good as the original. If you are going to send several documents that may create some problems for the recipient, it will be better if you scan the documents first before sending them. Scanning will allow you to edit the documents before you fax them. Below are some tips on how to send a scanned document as a fax.

  • Documents that are printed back to back on thinner paper when sent by fax may show the print on the other side, making the faxed copy unreadable. This can be prevented by scanning the documents to make copies of the front and back of the document. Segregate all the documents that need to be scanned. Check the documents, particularly those with very fine or small prints. Separate them in one file. The colored ones should also be in another file.
  • Turn on your scanner and place the document face down. Scan the document and preview the result. Set the scanner to grayscale and reduce the intensity if the print on the back of the page shows up. Preview the image as you make the necessary adjustments on the scanner so that you will have a clear image of the document. Make a final scan of the document and save it as an image with a file name that will be easily identifiable.
  • If you have to scan an image that is quite small in size, scanning it and making it a larger image will allow the recipient to view the text and the details of the image better. Again, the scanner should be set to grayscale and increase the size until you can read all the small text.
  • A colored image usually comes out as a block of dark and unrecognizable image when sent as a fax. Colored background and colored paper will also make reading faxed documents very difficult as the colors will merge and come out as all dark gray or all black. You can check this by inserting the colored document into your fax machine and make a copy of the document. In most cases you will not be able to distinguish the image. To fix the problem, it is best to scan the colored document first and reducing the intensity of the grays to make the image for recognizable. If it is very important that the recipient know the colors that the original copy of the image has, you can edit the image later and add a legend as a color guide.

Print out the images that you have scanned on white paper. These can then be sent safely by fax as you have already ensured that the images will be clear and legible. Use a graphics editing software to enhance a scanned image and edit the text where necessary. Preview the scanned documents first before you print them out and send them as fax.


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