How To Send a Text Message from an Anonymous Number Online

Text messaging, which was predominantly used by cell phone users, can now be sent online, using your computer. While most services will require you to provide the sender’s phone number, there are also services that will allow you to hide your number and send a text message anonymously. While it can be unethical and downright rude to send a text message without revealing your own phone number, it can be fun if you are going to prank a friend who has a sense of humor. Here are some ideas on how to send a text message from an anonymous number online.

  • Go to the website of and use their free application to send a text message. When in the landing page of txtDrop you will immediately see application on the left of the page beside an image of a phone. Provide your email address where the replies to your message will be sent and type the mobile phone number of the recipient. Add your message and press the send button. The service is offered for free and supports several mobile phone service providers in Canada and the United States. Navigate to the website’s FAQs section to check which network providers support this service. You can also download their application, which is compatible with Mac OS, iPhone and Windows Vista so that you can send text messages directly from your desktop.
  • Create an account with This service will also allow you to send text messages from an anonymous number online. Log in to your account and provide the number of the intended recipient of your text message. Provide a subject to the message and type in the body of your message. Choose the mobile phone service provider of the recipient and then scroll down to click the button to send the free text message. This free service can be used to send a free text message to mobile phone users in the United States. You are allowed to type a message that is one hundred and forty characters long.
  • Another website that offers free service is called where you can send free anonymous text messages online. Go to the website and you will immediately see the online form to fill up. You need to provide the phone number of the recipient including the area code and either provide your email address, a name or leave it completely blank for the sender’s box. Choose whether the recipient is within the United States or Canada or is located outside of these two countries. Type your message, which is limited to one hundred and forty characters and then click the Send button.

Always read the terms and conditions of the websites offering this free anonymous text messaging services. Make sure that the text message you are sending anonymously is not malicious, derogatory or will cause harm to the recipient. This service should be used for fun, to share some good news and general announcements, rather than cause the recipient anxiety. Availing of these free text messaging services will give you some savings when you need to send text messages containing general and non-sensitive information.


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