How To Send a Wire Using a Credit Card

Sending and receiving money has never been easier. Today, you can actually use your credit card in order to send wire transfers. This type of wire transfer is accepted in PayPal and most banks, which makes it very convenient and very easy to use. Whether you are purchasing something or simply sending allowance for your kids, here are some steps that you need to follow.

  • Method. Before anything else, you need to determine exactly how you want to send the wire via the credit card. There are generally three methods that you can use. First, you can use the Internet to send money. Or, you can use a telephone. Or finally, you can make the transaction in person. Make sure that you have brought your credit card with you, so that you can read the information on the credit card, which will be asked from you.
  • Via telephone. If you are sending the wire transfer via a telephone, you will need to call the hotline of the bank or agency that will provide the wire transfer service to you. You will either get a recorded message that will give you instructions on what to do next, or you will get a customer service representative who will help you through the entire process. Usually, your name and your credit card information will be asked from you, as well as the amount that you want to send via wire transfer.
  • In person. If you like, you can also visit the local office of the agency that you use for wire transfers, and then talk to the staff about getting wire transfers using your credit card. In most instances, this is allowed and all that you need to do is to provide your name and your credit card information. You will also have to fill up certain papers that work as legal documentation about the transaction. After you have finished processing the papers, you will need to give your credit card to the cashier who will then swipe the credit card for you. This way, your wire transfer will be completed. You will usually be given a receipt afterwards. You may have to pay some charges for the wire transfer.
  • Via Internet. Finally, you can also use the web to make online wire transfers. Go to the website of the bank where you plan on getting the wire transfer and then look at the navigation tab where you will usually find the link to the wire transfer sections of the website. Or, you can also use the search tab that usually comes in most websites today. This will help you find the wire transfer page. Follow the instructions on the screen, which will guide you through the entire process of sending wire transfers using your credit card. Type in the information that is asked of you, most of which are found in your credit card.

With these steps in mind, you should be able to easily make wire transfers even if you don’t have cash on hand, and all you have is your credit card.


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