How To Serve in the Army

The United States Army, having its roots in the Continental Army formed in 1775, is currently the oldest branch of the armed forces of the United States military. Its primary mission is providing the necessary capabilities and forces to the Combatant Commanders in support of the National Security and Defense Strategies. The Army is the unit specifically responsible for the different land based military operations.

Having 1,112,703 soldiers strong, the United States Army is also the largest branch of the military. The Army is divided in three different forces: the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve. The Regular Army or the Active Duty Army is the professional core of the Army and serve both inside the United States or overseas. The Army National Guard specifically serves in their respective States. The Army Reserve has members who have both a civilian career and military career.

Getting into the military is easy, if you have enough courage, determination and the patriotism. If you want to enlist, here are some instructions on how you could serve in the Army.

  • Choose your military track. If you want to serve in the United States Army, you would want to know which force you would want to enlist in, as this would determine your military track. You can choose between the Regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve.
  • The Regular Army. The Regular Army is actually the direct successor of the Continental Army. Soldiers in this force are typically sent for duty at 36 months or 3 years at a time both inside the United States and overseas. If you want to be at the forefront where the action is, and you like traveling for long periods you can choose to serve in this division.
  • The Army National Guard. If you want to stay at your own State, you can choose to serve in your State’s National Guard. Soldiers in the National Guard are used for domestic necessities such as disasters or emergencies and international relations.
  • The Army Reserve. If you want to serve part time, you can choose to serve in the Reserve. Soldiers in the Army Reserve serve typically 1 weekend each month (referred to as inactive duty for training or IADT), and 2 weeks in the summer (referred to as annual training or AT). Reserves can have careers in IT, Engineering, Dentistry and other career tracks that can directly supplement and help the Army.
  • Visit the Army’s website. If you have decided on which division you want to serve, you can go to the United States Army website and click on the link the division you want to serve in. Each link would contain information for the different army forces. Each force would ask for different requirement, so you must take great note which division you are enlisting in and what it asks for.

Choosing to serve in the Army is no big mistake if you truly want to show your country how much you love it. So get up, go out there, and serve your country, soldier!


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