How To Serve Scotch

Scotch is whisky made in Scotland. It has been produced there for hundreds of years. Although it is an acquired taste just like beer and wine, many people are hooked on it because of its oaky and smooth taste. Scotch enthusiasts are drawn not only to its taste but to its aroma as well. These two aspects are important in considering which style should be used in serving the said spirit. The style on which scotch is served can have a significant effect on how it tastes and smells. The following tips and suggestions will help you in serving scotch.

  • “Neat”. For a lot of scotch enthusiasts, they prefer their scotch to be served neat. If you want this too, this means that you do not have to add anything else to the scotch when you drink it. This way, you will get to enjoy the pureness of the scotch since most scotch lovers say that putting anything to the scotch dilutes and masks its true flavor and aroma.
  • On the rocks. This is a famous choice of serving style for scotch. In fact, you often hear this as a line in the movies. To use this style, put some ice cubes on your glass first. Then, directly pour the scotch over the ice. Although adding ice will somewhat result to a weaker taste, some people prefer it this way.
  • Snifter. This is the traditional vessel used in serving and drinking scotch. A Cognac snifter looks like a wine glass but smaller and has a wider and rounder base. Also, it slightly tapers around the mouth to help in focusing the aroma of the scotch to the drinker. It also has a wider handgrip. This warms the scotch when the drinker holds the glass, adding flavor to the drink. In serving scotch using a snifter, make sure that you properly clean it first. Another aspect of drinking scotch is the appreciation of its color and appearance. Hence, a clean vessel is a must.
  • Adding mixers. In case you do not want to serve your scotch neat, you can serve it alongside some water or soda in a separate vessel to be your mixer. You can use carbonated drinks as a mixer too. You can try coke since most consumers prefer it as the mixer for scotch. To use a mixer, just add the preferred mixer to the scotch. The proportion of scotch and mixer is up to you. In case you want to serve scotch with water, do not use tap water because its chlorine content will affect the true aroma and taste of the scotch. You can use spring water instead. It is purer and will affect the drink the least.
  • Cocktails. There are a lot of cocktails that are made with scotch. If you feel that scotch alone is too strong for your taste, you can try these cocktails. There are a lot of recipes available online and in books to guide you in serving such.

There are many ways to serve scotch. Be adventurous and try everything out to know which one serves you just right.


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