How To Set a Rabbit Trap

Learning how to set up a rabbit trap may seem like a peculiar thing to learn but you might find out someday just how important this knowledge may turn out to be. Follow these steps to find out how!

  • First you need to get an idea of where you are. You need to pay close attention to your surroundings in order to plan where you can set up your traps to catch rabbits. Knowing where rabbits will be passing by will save you the wasted time and efforts of setting of traps where rabbits will not even bother to pass by.
  • As with all wild animals, rabbits stick close to water sources so this should be your first thing to look out for when you scout your surroundings. When you have found the water sources near you, start looking for the other tell tale signs of rabbit occupancy. These signs are seen in the plants or shrubbery that surrounds the water sources. Look for burrowed holes; this is a sure sign that rabbits are coming to the water source. When confronted with a threat, rabbits will tend to run and these holes are their perfect escape from predators. You should aim to set up your traps outside these holes so you can snatch the critter as it exits its home looking for water.
  • You will need some kind of cord to build your trap. If you were out camping look through your supplies and you might have some that you can use. If worse comes to worst you can always use your shoelaces. The bare minimum is around 3.5 feet. You can string different kinds of cord together as long as you can make the 3.5 feet that you will need to make your trap work properly.
  • Now that you have your cord you will need to put a noose in it. This is going to fit the head of the rabbit. You can try making it around 4 inches in diameter because anything larger than this your rabbit could probably jump through it when its about to be caught. You want to make the noose just large enough to snag the head of the rabbit. Use a slipknot to make the noose in your cord.
  • You will need to hang or tie the cord around something in order to set your trap. A tree trunk is ideal for this but it has to be close enough to the entrance to the rabbit burrow. You can also use a strong stick as a substitute for the tree trunk. Stick it in the ground and make sure it is secure. If you do a bad job here the rabbit may just get away. Make sure you secure the cord around your tree trunk/stick. Try to make as little noise as possible as you set this up because if you are too loud the rabbits may catch on and make a dash for it before you can set up the trap to snare them. You would have lost your objective. Be stealthy.
  • Your cord is now secure so all you need to do is set it up around the rabbit hole. Place two sticks on both sides of the entrance with a little space in-between. The space should be large enough that the rabbit can pass through it. The noose in the cord is placed between these two sticks. The noose will drop when the rabbit passes through the sticks and it will tighten as the rabbit attempts to escape.


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