How To Set Routes on a New Bouldering Wall

Climbing walls can be done not only in certain facilities but also in your home. If you have a new bouldering wall in your place, you can create fun and interesting games from it. This can add to the enjoyable atmosphere of working out and therefore may extend the length of it. Aside from work outs, a bouldering wall can be a way to bond and have fun with your family and friends. However, before anything else, you need to set up routes. Setting routes for a new bouldering wall may be difficult in the beginning because you may not know where to start, but there is no need for you to worry. The routes mainly depend on your creativity, and you rest assured that you can always start over. Here is how you can set routes on a new bouldering wall.

  • Get on the wall. You need to get on the wall and climb along it sideways. The highest handhold should be less than the 20 feet mark because bouldering usually happens below 20 ft. For the first one, you can try to direct the route straight sideways. Use the largest and the easiest foot and hand holds. You may ask a friend to put a piece of colored tape above each of the hold that you used.
  • Create interesting routes. When you reached the end of the wall, climb you way back to the opposite direction. You may still use the easy holds, but make the route harder by going up and down or zigzagging. You may ask a friend to put a piece of colored tape of different color from the previous one for this specific run.
  • Repeat the steps. This time, you may use harder holds for each of the run. Incorporate different skill levels on each run. You can also use the holds you used before for several runs. However, make sure that you place the tape next to the other tapes.
  • Be creative. You may try another strategy of keeping the routes hard throughout. It simply depends on you. The key is that you keep the routes fun and interesting. Do not be afraid to take the holds down and maybe start over when you feel that the wall is starting to get boring.
  • Ask for other perspectives. You may ask your friend to come over to help you set the routes for your bouldering wall. This will keep your routes interesting, and help you spice up your routes.
  • Maximize your space. Compared to other bouldering walls, if you are working on a home wall, you should make sure you make most out of the space. In other place such as a gym, you may mark specific holds forming a route. You can try specifying the sequence of moves and not just the holds to use. By doing so, you can set boulder challenges and problems with many number of moves.

Do not be afraid to get creative. A route on a bouldering wall can be changed if you feel it lacks the fun or challenge factor. Make sure you are satisfied with your routes, and soon enough, you can have fun climbing.


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