How To Set the Speed of a Tattoo Gun

In the ancient times, tribe members tattooed their entire body and these body artworks held great significance. These days getting a tattoo can imply a lot of things. It could mean being artistic, self expression, rebellion to some, painted memory, or simply love for ink. You may be the type of person who has second thoughts in getting a tattoo or one who bravely faces the needles without hesitation. Nonetheless, both would still need a good set of tattoo guns.

Setting the speed of a tattoo gun will prove quite crucial and convenient to the one who is having a tattoo done and most especially to the one running the business. If you have great speed in your tattoo gun it would greatly and easily sell itself. Get new customers and existing ones for more. To get additional information on how to set the speed of a tattoo, here are a few tips.

  • Preparing the Power Supply. To begin, plug your tattoo gun into its power supply unit and plug the power supply into an active electrical outlet to ensure a smooth ink session. Turn the power supply on and check that an on/off foot pedal is attached to the power supply and it is in good working condition.
  • Spot Check. Like you would do to an engine, crank the power to an ascending pace but make sure to point the tattoo gun safely away from others and ensure to step on the pedal. This will test the power. After it, you will hear the gun buzzing. There are two types of pedals you can use in setting the speed of your tattoo gun. The sustained pedal, the updated version, will continue buzzing when you lift your foot. In order to stop it from buzzing, you should press your foot down again to turn the power off. A traditional pedal on the other hand, will stop buzzing as soon as you take your foot off. Whichever model you use, ensure that this is turned off after testing it.
  • Inspect the Contact Screw. Before making ink canvass, inspect the contact screw. This is located at the top of the tattoo gun. Check if you can turn it freely. The contact screw is locked in place for most of the tattoo gun models and comes with some type of retaining bar. You can easily spot the retaining bar. Make sure you have the proper tools as well. You will need an Allen wrench, a Torx wrench or a special key designed specifically for that model of gun to remove it. Just loosen the bar and take it down.
  • Set the Speed. To adjust the speed, turn the contact screw by hand. If you want to make the speed faster, turn it to the right. If you want to make it slower then turn it to the left. The pace of your tattoo gun will depend on the design or the kind of ink you will be using.
  • Replace the Retainer Bar. Once you attain that consistent speed, replace the retaining bar then tighten the retaining bar back down with the proper tool. Keeping it locked will allow you to use the exact amount of speed you need. Make sure that you always check the retainer bar because if it loosens then your design might break off. In the tattoo business, you have to stay sharp and be observant.

With sufficient information, your performance in handling a tattoo gun will up a notch and keep your skin of a canvass safe. Being creative isn’t always enough; you should also keep in mind the correct and out of harm's way process.


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