How To Set Up a Cribbage Tournament

Cribbage is a card game that can be played with two players, but it can include four or more. It’s a favorite pastime that can be played in any establishment. It will usually require only a few tables, with a couple of teams competing. Setting up a cribbage tournament will only require a little effort, and perhaps you can even offer a small prize for the winning participants.

  • What you need.You will need a space in which to hold your cribbage tournament. You will need anywhere from five to 10 tables, depending on the number of participants. Of course, you will need the corresponding number of card decks. You will also need a crib or box, where the cards will be dealt or kept.
  • Collect a fee. When running a tournament, it’s important to consider the fee that you will collect. This will serve several purposes. First, this can defray the cost of running the tournament, such as table and space rent, or even refreshments. This can also sum up to the total prize that the winners will be given. If you intend to give trophies, the fees can also help defray this expense.
  • Establish teams. For best results, set up teams with two members each. You can have anywhere from 10 to 20 teams in your tournament, and these teams can play in 10 tables or so. Make sure to set up a chart in which the teams are listed, and in which the progression of the tournament will be indicated. For example, team A can compete against team B in the first round, and so on.
  • Progress to the next round. After the first round, the winners in that particular round will then face off with each other. The losing teams in the first round are already eliminated, and can no longer continue to play, unless you want all teams to compete for ranking spots.

    After the second round, continue progressing into the next round, with the winners facing off against each other. The losing teams are eliminated from the rankings. When there are only two teams remaining, they will then face off with each other for the championship. The winner in this last round will be the champion for the tournament. If you wish to have a first, second and third place, the losing teams in the second-to-the-last round can also face off to compete for the third and fourth ranks.

  • Have an awarding ceremony. After all the rounds have been played, award the team that ends up as champion. You can give a trophy, certificate or other prize, which can include cash or other items.

A cribbage tournament can last anywhere from three to four hours, so to be safe, set up a tournament that will last half a day, or a weekend night. Cribbage can be a fun and challenging game to play, and if played in a tournament, there is the extra challenge of competing against other teams and vying for the tournament trophy and prizes.


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