How To Set Up a Pool Table Light

One of the most essential aspects in a game room is the lighting. This is primarily considered by those who want to give an enticing atmosphere for playing. For a pool table, for example, whether it’s for home entertainment purposes or for rental, it is important to set up the lighting properly. This sets up the right ambiance for playing, and will ensure that players have a good view of the table and the balls.

Proper lighting of the pool table is important because the game is both competitive and social. With dim lighting, it will be tough for the players to see the pool table well. Not to mention, social interaction may play a poor role if there is not enough light to illuminate the table. In order to make the most out of the game room, make sure that you have set up adequate pool table lights for the enjoyment of everyone.

  • Obtain a light fixture. When looking for the right light fixture for the pool table, consider the level of illumination. If you want an energy-efficient light fixture, go for fixtures that support fluorescent lamps, which can output low wattage, but bright lights. Otherwise, you can use a conventional incandescent bulb.
  • Use a stud detector. Use a stud detector to locate a stud in the ceiling, for secure installation. You will need to know where metal and wood framing studs are located in light-frame constructions. Consider the number of the chains of your light fixture. You will need to locate one stud for every chain.
  • Drill holes in the ceiling and install hooks. Based on the number of studs that you have located for the pool table light fixture, drill a hole or holes in the ceiling. Once you are done with the hole or holes, install metal hooks and screw these tightly.
  • Set the height of the light fixture. The best height of the light fixture is 40 inches from the surface of the pool table. Take note of this measurement as you attach the lamp chains to the metal hooks. Let the light fixture hang above the surface of the pool and measure the clearance, which should be at about the 40-inch mark.
  • Power up the light fixture. Turn the light fixture on by plugging the power cord into the outlet or by switching on the power switch. If the cord is not long enough to reach the outlet, it might be necessary to utilize an extension cord, or to have a qualified electrician connect the lighting fixture to the mains.

The important thing with having a light fixture above your pool table is that it properly lights the area. During the game, adequate lighting will encourage the players to play better, especially when the lights are engaging. The game room is a great place to enjoy indoor sports, and to build camaraderie. As pool is both a social and competitive sport, having adequate lighting for both talk and play will be important in any game.


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