How To Set Up a Verizon Wireless Cell Phone

Everyone with a new phone is very much excited to set up and make calls with it. One of the most tiring things about getting a brand new phone is to set up and customize the phone. You would need to have your phone numbers with it and populate it with your preferences in terms of the phone display, sound and messaging options. If you just got yourself a new Verizon phone, you can just read on the steps below before you set up your phone so that you have an idea what you need to be doing in the next couple of hours.

  • Charging your phone battery. The hardest part in anything is the wait – and you need to charge your new phone’s battery for at least 12 hours before using it for the first time. This initial charge will help prolong your phone’s battery life. Get your phone charger, which should be in your phone’s box. Plug this charger and attach the other end to your phone.
  • Booting up your phone. Once you are done charging your phone, turn on the power from the power button. This would then usually lead to the display of a welcome loading image from the phone manufacturer for a couple of seconds. After this, the main screen of the phone would be displayed, with the network identifier displaying Verizon. Once you have seen this screen, you can start entering the necessary phone numbers by just directly keying in the numbers via the number pad.
  • Assigning ringing types. You can now select a specific ringing type to your phone by going to the Profile section of your phone. From here you can select what ring tone you want for incoming calls, messages and emails. You can also edit from here what you want your phone to do if it is on silent mode – will you hear a very discrete beep? Or will you just feel the phone vibrate? Once you have set your preferences, you can activate a particular setting immediately so that it can already take effect.
  • Setting your display preferences. Once you are done with the ring tones, you can change the display options also from either the Profile or the Settings menu. You can customize your wallpaper and in some phones, there are also screensavers available. You can also alter the brightness of the LCD and the overall theme of the phone. In more advanced phones, the layout of the menu and availability of widgets are also editable. Just keep on viewing the samples and select what you want in the end.

You can also record your voicemail message upon setup. You can also check your voicemail by dialing *86. There are also some applications for download depending on your mobile phone type. Just keep on filling in your address book and soon you will be ready to use your new phone. Remember to include your name when you are broadcasting your new MSISDN so that your friends will know that it is you messaging from your new Verizon phone.


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