How To Set Up an Artist's Stool

The stool of a working artist is a very important tool since this will be the main resting place for the artist while he is finishing his work – whether it is sculpture or a painting. The stool needs to be very comfortable but at the same time, functional. The height and distance of the stool should be just right for the artist and his work. It is a simple task but very important since the artist should not be distracted with mundane things such as an uncomfortable stool from finishing his work. Read on the steps below on how you can do the adjustment to the stool yourself.

  • Selecting your chair. The first thing is you need to select the right type of chair for you. Does it have to be easily portable? If you are always in the outdoors when doing your work then you need to consider that when selecting your stool. Does it have to be waterproof? How high should it be? Does it have to be cushioned? When you have all of the answers then you can easily select which type of chair would suit you.
  • Positioning your chair. When you are done selecting and buying your chair, you just need to position it in such a way that it will be of maximum use to the artist. The height of the stool must be just right; the same with the angle of the stool in comparison to the art work and the art supplies. This would vary greatly depending on what type of art you are doing. If you are making a huge piece then the stool needs to be quite high so that you can even mount yourself on it to reach tough spots. The idea is that the artist should not do a great amount of bending while doing his work.
  • Locking the wheels. When you are happy with the location of the stool then all you need to do is to lock it in place by securing the wheels. This is very much similar to the locking mechanism of computer chairs. This locking mechanism will help you achieve a stable base for your seat and if in case you are planning on using it as a temporary stepping tool then you need to really lock the wheels.
  • Make sure the back area is adjusted, too. If you got the type of chair with a back rest then make sure you have adjusted the tilt and softness of the back rest.

When you are done setting it up, give it a go by sitting on it and checking if you are ok with the positioning. Just do minor adjustments as you are sitting down. Remember that with every change of user of the stool, there may be minor adjustments made so if someone else borrowed your stool, check the fit first if it is ok with you before you start using it again. Or you can just label your stool so that no one else uses it while you are away, therefore guaranteeing the accuracy of your adjustments.


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