How To Set Up an HDTV Antenna

With the popularity of HD or high definition television sets nowadays, nearly everyone is getting a digital signal for their free TV. If you are one of those who haven’t switched yet to getting an HD TV signal then you can start reading the article below so that you can do the switch yourself. All you need to do is secure the materials listed below and follow the step by step instructions outlined in this article.

  • Materials that you will need:
    • Digital to analog converter
    • Mast
    • HDTV antenna
    • HD tuner or a TV already fitted with a digital tuner
    • Cable connecting the TV
  • Getting your antenna. Your first step is to buy an antenna that is for digital TV use. This is quite a common piece of hardware and is cheap. It usually retails for around $30 to $40 and can be bought in your regular grocery or hardware store.
  • Mounting the TV antenna. Your next step is to mount your antenna to an available mast. If you do not have a mast then buy one when you buy your antenna for HD TV. You should next run a cable through your TV from the mast. This would also be the time to remove the old TV antenna in your TV, which resembles rabbit ears. Read the instructions included in the TV antenna that you purchased to be sure.
  • Connecting the antenna to a digital tuner. Your next step would be to put together your TV tuner and connect that to the antenna. In most cases, the tuner is already built into the TV but just in case your TV does not have this, you can also buy a separate digital TV tuner in your favorite hardware store. This converter can cost around $60 each but there are cases that there are sets with government subsidy so it would be best to ask if they still have stocks of those. The government subsidy is around half of the amount so it would be worth asking about this.

Once you have your digital TV antenna set up, give it a try by turning on your TV. Nowadays there are also free TV channels that broadcast not just digital signal but HD signal which can maximize the viewing pleasure of your new HD TV. With the advent of clearer LCD and even LED television sets, gone are the days where you get static, grainy images when watching TV. Whether it is your favorite soap opera or a live basketball game, crisp feeds are the norm today and you should have it in your own den or living room, as well. In some cases, there are states that the government allots two coupons per family for the TV tuner cost. These coupons expire in 90 days normally so be sure to get them when you are ready to buy your TV tuner. You can also share this article to your friends who haven’t made the switch because sooner or later, analog signal will be extinct and you will be forced to quickly adapt to a HD TV signal.


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