How To Set Up and Decorate a Guest Room with Must Haves

It is such a pleasure having guests around the house. If they came from another city and would need to stay either for a night or more, it would be good to have a guest room that is comfortable and prepared with all of the necessities.

If you have a spare room in the house, turn it into a guest room that your guest will truly remember.

To set up the room for guests and make sure it has all of the must-haves, read the tips below.

  • Have the essentials for the bedroom.  For the room itself, the basics such as a bed with clean sheets, 2 pillows and a warm blanket is essential.  Have an extra comforter and extra pillows available in the closet just in case.  Ideally, there should be a cot folded inside the cabinet that the guests can use if they cannot all fit in one bed. Also have a trash bin available inside the room. Place at least 5 coat hangers inside the cabinet where they can place their coats and jackets.
  • Consider placing add-ons to the room to make it homey.  As much as possible, you want your guests to be at home and relaxed in their room. Place a comfy chair in one area of the room and a television right across. Chances are, they have a program they want to watch but are too shy to ask to watch on the television in the common room. If possible, place a small refrigerator, stocked with drinking water, bottled juice or canned sodas, and snacks. You can’t expect them to be comfortable barging into your kitchen looking for snacks no matter how many times you tell them to “feel at home”.  For a more special touch, place a basket of chips, cookies, and chocolate bars on top of the bed before the guest arrives.
  • Prepare what they need in a bathroom. It would be nice to have a private bathroom in the guest room.  But if this is not the case, a common bathroom would suffice. Provide your guests with clean bath towels, bath robe, and toiletries set, just as they would have those if they stayed in a hotel. Include facial tissues as well. Remember to stock the bathroom, private or common, with tissue. Also check the toilet flush, bathtub drain, and bathroom sink in case of a clog before the guests arrive. Make sure the hot water is running and that the water supply from the shower or faucet is sufficient.
  • Add personal touches.  If your guests are visiting your area for the first time, you may want to hand them a map of the place and highlight interesting spots they might want to visit. Also write down important phone numbers for them to remember.

Get to know your guests before letting them stay in your home. Also note if they have allergies that you need to take into account.  If they are allergic to pets, make sure you clean the house thoroughly and keep your cats or dogs in an area far from the guest room and common rooms.


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