How To Set Up Assisted Living

Assisted living is mostly applicable to senior citizens that cannot live alone and cannot take care of themselves anymore. Their families submit them to an institution that has the resources – facilities and manpower, to assist these elderly in their daily routines such as when eating, bathing, and other everyday tasks.

If you know an elderly family member that needs to be provided with assisted living, read the steps below on how you can arrange such.

  • Materials that you will need:
    • Internet
    • Lawyer
    • Social Security benefits application
  • Discuss with you family. If you are thinking of having an elderly family member move into an assisted living facility, talk about it with your other family members. More importantly, discuss it with the person involved.  If for some reason the elderly cannot make the decision alone, have a lawyer present to facilitate and document the discussions.  It is imperative that you have an agreement with everyone else before proceeding.
  • Look for an assistance home.  The best area to start looking is within your city. This will make it possible for you and your family to visit often.  In case you are needed for emergency, it will also be easy for you to go. Also, having an assistance home nearby cuts the travel time and would not require the elder to travel far. Traveling can be taxing for seniors. You can search for assistance homes online before paying them a visit.  Once you are able to shortlist candidates, start discussing details such as facilities and fees.
  • Visit the assistance home.  When you have more or less decided on the assistance home based on family input, budget, and facilities, it is time to visit the assistance home. If possible, bring the elder along so he can also have a feel of the place. His say is important as he is the one moving there in the first place.
  • Get financial assistance.  If the assistance home you have chosen is a bit off budget, you can have the elder apply for Social Security benefits.  Have the elder fill out the application form.  If he is not capable of doing so, discuss it with a lawyer to process the application instead on the elder’s behalf. Also check for other medical help or subsidy the government offers within your state.
  • Sign him up to move into his new home.  Talk to the head of the assistance home and fill up the necessary paperwork and submit all the requirements needed to admit the elder. As soon as the requirements are submitted and first payment has been made, you can now schedule the move-in.
  • Move in.  Rent a moving van to load all of the needed furniture and clothes. Do not forget to pack prescription medicines as well. As soon as you reach the elder’s new home, help him unpack and organize his things.  Make the room as homey as possible.

Regularly visit and ask the elder how he is doing, how he is treated, and how he finds his new home.  If he raises any concerns, do not hesitate to talk and discuss it with the assistance home administrators.


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