How To Set Up your Coffee Shop

If you dream of starting the next Starbucks chain, then there are several things you need to do to be able to set up your own coffee shop. The coffee industry is booming and there’s a lot of money to be made in providing customers their daily cup of joe. Because a cup of coffee can literally have up to a thousand percent markup, it’s quite easy to recover your costs and make a profit.

Here’s how to set up your coffee shop.

  • Find a great location. The success of any customer based business lies in the location of the business. You need an area with heavy foot traffic, preferably near either a residential or business area. Your location is key to getting a lot of customers, generating interest and visibility for your business and selling enough cups of coffee to cover your costs. You may want something that has a street front so that pedestrians can easily come in, or people with pets can relax outdoors. Your location should take into consideration accessibility of parking spaces, having ample seating area and work area, as well as access to a restroom, storage area and potable water.
  • Learn to be a barista. You need to know the ropes of the business. Learn how to make lattes and how to work as espresso machine. Create your own coffee concoctions but you must also serve classics such as macchiato, espresso and cappuccino. You can easily learn these skills from certificate course or your local community college.
  • Make a detailed business plan. Once you know how to make coffee and have an idea where you will put up shop, it’s time to write things down. Think of a name for your store and write down as many details pertaining to your business as possible. Indicate your sales forecasts and other projections for growth. You also need to identify your target market, and break down your start up cost. If you are loaning money from the bank to get this started, then your business plan should be included in your application process.
  • Legalize your paperwork. Get the proper business permits and register your business as needed. You should also get any health sanitation permits and clearance. If you want to register your business, simply go to your local Chamber of Commerce or down to city hall to get the list of requirements to get your business started.
  • Purchase your equipment. Once you have the money and the location secure, you can now build your shop. Hire a designer to give your shop the vibe and feel you want to achieve. Aside from the equipment and materials that you will need, you’ll also need your initial inventory as well as other things you need to serve the drinks such as cups, napkins and dispensers. You’ll also need furniture for your store.
  • Make your menu plan. While construction is ongoing, you should already be planning what you will serve your customers. Aside from tea and coffee, consider pastries and light snacks such as sandwiches and pasta? If you’re not planning on baking it yourself, find a way to outsource these items so you can focus on the coffee making.
  • Hire the right people. The success of your venture will depend on the support system that you have. Hire people who are willing to work odd hours but have a pleasant and amiable personality. Aside from having the proper coffee making skills, your people should be able to handle inventories, receive deliveries and handle cash and monetary transactions.

Getting this business started will depend on how fast you find a location and if you have the money to finance your venture. Don’t feel pressured to rush into things since this may entail quite a bit of capital. However, once you build you open your doors and build your customer base, your success lies in being able to offer good quality products at excellent prices and great service. Good luck!


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