How To Sew a Pillow with Lace Trim

You need not to get stuck with the kind of pillows you buy from the stores. There are other ways to make them more decorative and tasteful. One way is to add lace trimmings along your pillows’ edges. This can help your pillows complement your couch. You could even add the trimmings to create a pillow for a wedding’s ring bearer. This is actually an enjoyable activity for people who love to sew and beautify their homes at the same time. In doing so, you must select a lace trim with a flat and finished edge along one of its sides. It may be an eyelet or a gathered trim. If you have decided to do this with your pillows, then follow the guidelines below to achieve a clean and polished look.

  • Cut fabric and trims. Cut 13 inches of square-shaped fabric. Together with it, cut out 4 strips of lace trim about 15 inches in length each. Cut diagonally along each of your trim’s ends. Make it about 45 degrees in angle. Make sure that the narrow end is on the trim’s flat and finished side.
  • Stitch trims. Put 2 trims with their right sides close together. Begin sewing them along their short ends. Keep doing this until all your trims are all attached. It should resemble a square frame.
  • Merge the fabric and trim. Put the trim and fabric together. Their right sides should be together as well. You should see that the trim’s smooth and straight flowing edge of is pressed upon the fabric’s edge. Use pins to secure.
  • Being sewing. Sew your trim to your fabric. Use a scant with a quarter inch allowance of seam. Then, start cutting 2 pieces of fabric shaped as rectangles. Each of them must be 13 inches in width and 9 inches in height. With the each rectangle, fold one of the long edges about ¾ inches going to the fabric’s wrong side. Fold it again by ¾ inch. Press on the fold you have made. Then start sewing to secure it.
  • Put the fabrics together. Put your fabric with lace and your rectangle fabric together. Make sure that their right sides are together as well. You should see that the rectangle fabric’s folded edges overlaps the other fabric by approximately 1 inch.
  • Sew the fabrics together. Match your fabric’s edges and use pins to secure them together. Begin sewing their edges. Use a seam allowance of about ¼ inch.
  • Finish the pillow. You may now turn your pillow so that its right side is out. Start fluffing out its lace trims. Push your pillow stuffing through at the back.

These are the basic guidelines in sewing lace trims on your pillow. Of course, you can choose to be more creative from time to time so you may have to edit the instructions based on your design. It would be better if you will use fabrics that are abundant in your home so that you can make all your pillows in your rooms look the same.


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