How To Sew a Prom Dress

Every girl wants to have that perfect dress that will make her glow with beauty on prom night. The thing is that prom dress will cost a lot. And then you do not know whether the dress is really made for you, if it fits you perfectly, or it is not in the right color, or somebody else has something like it.

The best way to get that perfect prom dress is to make it yourself. You do not have to be an expert seamstress or to know much about sewing. You just need the right materials, a fabulous design, and a desire to make the best prom dress that will make you look your prettiest on that special night. To sew a prom dress, just follow these simple steps:

  • Design your dress. Before you can do any sewing, you must first have an idea of how you want to look on prom night. What would your dress look like? How do you want to look like? If you want to make your own design, start with something simple. Remember that you will be making this on your own and after design you will be making a pattern first before you can even start sewing. Browse fashion magazines for the cut of dress that you like. Also take into consideration your body type to assess objectively what would look most appealing on you.
  • You can get dressmaking books for reference patterns or go online to download and print some patterns for dresses. Do not overdo your prom dress. The star of the prom is you and not your dress. The prom dress is just there to help you stand out. A simple design with fluid lines is always better than a dress with too much embellishments and frills.
  • It is okay to add some detail or two. If the design detail is big, settle for just one. Example is if you want a big silk flower on your dress, make it big but the dress should be on one solid color and nothing else. If you have an intricate beadwork then do not add any more big details, as it will drown the little ones. Choose between going for a big detail embellishment or many small ones.
  • When you have settled on a design you can start working on your pattern. If you do not have a ready pattern, look for a basic pattern that best captures the dress you have in mind and just make adjustments on it.
  • Choose the fabric for your dress. Depending on the style that you are making, you might need more or less fabric. To be safe get one and a half yard of the fabric. If you plan to make a matching shawl for your dress, get another half yard for it, although usually it would be made of a different material.
  • Cut the fabric according to the pattern. Usually you will have to cut your fabric to two parts, the front and back. The front part you have to make adjustments for the bust area, and the back part you have to make adjustment for your back and bottom.

Sew the two parts together. Then sew the hems. Remember to use a thread that is almost the same as your fabric’s color so it will not show.


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