How To Sew a Round Tablecloth

A round table adds dimension to a room because it gives another shape from the usual boxy squares. It makes the room feel larger and smoother because of its curves. It is a great accessory as a bedside table, a decorative end table, a coffee table, or dining room table where you can all gather around. You can make a round tablecloth for it to accentuate it and add protection to the surface.

If you want to sew a round tablecloth, follow these steps:

  • Measure your round table’s diameter. This will give you an idea of how much fabric you will need. Depending on the round table cloth that you are imagining, you will need a lot of fabric. If you want to cover the whole length of the table to the floor, measure the distance between table top and the floor. Double that number and add it to the diameter. Add another 2 inches to the diameter.
  • Get a fabric of your choice for the table cloth. You can choose two fabrics so you can flip it when you want and have two instant designs. You can have one side that is waterproof, and the other side is smooth. You can also just do one.
  • Since you will be dealing with a lot of fabric, you can prepare a dummy table cloth before you start sewing. This will give you an idea of how to go about your table cloth and any accidents will be resolved.
  • There are two ways to go about making a round table cloth. One is to cut a square that is the length of the diameter of the tablecloth. Another way is to just use the whole fabric. Depending on the size of the round table that you are planning to make the tablecloth for, either could be a better option. For smaller tables, you can choose to just use the whole fabric. But if the table is big, then it would be easier to cut a square first and sew the table cloth together, or else you will be dealing with a large piece of fabric.
  • After you have cut the square you will be sewing onto its panels on the sides that will fall, flow and cover the sides of the table. When you prepare the panels, sew the seams already before sewing the other side to the square.
  • In this kind of set up, be sure to sew the panels together according to the print of the fabric if it is printed. This is so the sewing would not be as visible.
  • Another way is to use one whole fabric and mark the circle for the round table’s top. After you have marked it, you will sew 1 inch around it so there will be a hem and you can put the table cloth in place.
  • Next you will have to mark the lengths of the outside panels so you can cut and sew the seams.

Once you are done, you can now adorn your round table with the tablecloth you just created. 


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