How To Sew a Simple Travel Jewelry Case

A simple travel jewelry case is a convenient vessel and storage for all those little trinkets that you wear and bring along for emergencies. It protects your jewelry from getting dirty and dented in your bag. It is also convenient because you know instantly where to find your jewelry. It keeps all your necklaces in place so they do not tangle with the other things in your bag. Lastly, it does not look anything like a jewelry case because it is pretty and you can make it to look like a fashionable fun purse. You can even make one of your own and personalize your own design.

To sew a simple travel jewelry case, just follow these steps:

  • Prepare your materials! You will need two kinds of fabric, for the outside design and the lining. Get some ribbons, scissors, needle and thread (or you can sew with a machine but handmade is great).
  • Choose a fabric that you like. Any design is fine. You can make different travel jewelry cases depending on the occasion. You can make one made of silk or velvet for formal gatherings. You can make one made of suede for that extra durability. You can make one with a charming print and pattern for everyday use.
  • Choose the lining carefully. The lining will be the one in contact with the jewelry. If you want extra care for your jewelry, choose something soft and non-abrasive for the lining. You can choose silk, muslin, and velvet among others. Generally forgo fabric with embroidery for the linen as it can potentially bruise the jewelry especially in the cases of gold.
  • Prepare your fabrics. You will need two circles of fabric. The design fabric and lining should have 12 inches in diameter. To make circles from the fabric, you can use a pattern.
  • Make perfect circles using a compass on a cardboard. Cut it out and use it as pattern. You can also print one out from your computer.
  • Prepare four small squares measuring 3.5 inches on all sides. Sew the seams, leaving you at least 3 inches of square.
  • Take your lining and draw a 3-inch square in the middle of it. On the each of the square sew one of your fabric squares, leaving the top edge open. These will be the pockets inside your jewelry case.
  • After sewing the pockets, put the lining on top of the design fabric. The design fabric should be facing down. Sew them together along the edges, with enough give so you can turn it inside out before you finish.
  • Fold an inch from the top edge to the inside. Sew the fabric, leaving the ends open. This will be the casing for your ribbons that will hold on the jewelry case.
  • Get a safety pin and pin one end of the ribbon. Insert the pin inside the casing and work it through the other opening. When you get the pin out, pull just enough to get the ribbon out but still leave the ribbon weaved inside. Take the pin out and knot the ends of the ribbons.
  • Tie the ribbons together to close the jewelry case.

Now, put in your rings, necklaces, beads, and all your jewelry needs when you travel in the case.


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