How To Sew a Window Seat Cushion

A window seat is a design you may want to add on your home if you love spending your free time watching the surroundings outside while staying inside the house. If you want to feel more comfortable while seating in your window seat, you may want to consider getting cushions. There are several cushions available that you can buy in the store. You can also make your own cushion by sewing. This is less expensive than buying cushions. Get the fabric design that you like and make as many cushions as you want to use on your windows seat.

Here are the steps on how to sew window seat cushion.

  • Prepare the things that you will need. These are yarn, batting, sewing machine, yarn needle, zipper or buttons and thread. Aside from batting, you can also use foam or cotton to put inside the cushions.
  • Get measurement for windows seat cushion. This depends on how big or small you want your cushion to be. Add half an inch to the measurement of the height and width for the seam of the cushion. If you plan to put more bedding on the cushion, add 2/3 inch on the measurement instead. Tell the assistant on the fabric store about the measurement and they will be able to give you the fabric that you need in sewing that size of cushion. If you plan to make more cushions, tell the assistant how many you will make so she can compute the amount of fabric to use. You don’t have to use only one fabric design or color. If you prefer to have different designs and colors, you can do so. The type of fabric is up to you too. You can use cotton or duck cloth in making these.
  • Cut the fabric to make cushion. Get a cardboard or any paper where you can draw your cushion pattern. This is to make sure that all cushions will have the same size. Once you have the correct size of the cushion pattern, spread the fabric on top of the surface where you will be working and use the pattern to cut the fabric to make 2 sides for one cushion. Cut more fabric of the same size using your pattern to make more cushions.
  • Sew the cushions. Put two fabrics that you cut on top of each other. Put the right sides together and the wrong sides visible. Make sure that the edges are put together properly. Sew the 3 sides so you can put bedding inside it later. Do not sew one side as this will serve as your opening. Turn the cushion inside out so the right side will be visible and the wrong side will be placed inside. Put some bedding inside the cushion. The amount of bedding to put depends on how thick you want your cushion to be. Distribute the bedding evenly on the cushion. Yarn through the cushion about 6 inches apart. Once done, you can now secure the whole cushion by sewing the remaining open side. You may also use a zipper if you want to be able to remove the fabric.

Make more cushions if you prefer and put these on your window seat. This will add design to your window seat as well as make you comfortable while seating there.


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