How To Sew a Window Valance

If you’re thinking on how to improve the looks of your window without having to use heavy curtains, window valance is the answer. This can make your window look elegant in an instant and will still get the full brightness from outside as this is only placed on top of the window. This is also best to avoid the sticky finish on top of your window. You can put window valance in the living room, kitchen, bathroom as well as bed rooms. If you know how to sew, then you can make use of that skill by making your own window valance. This is a simple project that you will be able to enjoy.

Here are the steps on how to sew a window valance.

  • Prepare the things that you will need in making window valance. These are scissors, sewing machine, fabric, needle, thread and chalk. You can use heavy or light fabric and you get to choose your favorite color and design too.
  • Get the measurement for your window valance. To get the width of the valance, measure how long is the rod installed on the window. This is where you will put the window valance. Multiply the measurement by 2 if the fabric you will be using is heavy. If it’s light, multiply this by 3. This is to add fullness to the valance once installed in the window. To get the length of the window valance, get the measurement from the level where the rod is to the level where you want the hem of your valance to be. Add an inch allowance for the seam and a few more inches for heading of the valance. Get the diameter of the rod as well. This will let you determine how many inches you will add on the fabric measurement for the pocket of the valance where you will be inserting the rod. Once you got the diameter of the rod, multiply this by 1 ½ inch and add the total to the measurement of the window valance’s length.
  • Cut the fabric that you will use for the valance as well as the lining. Use pins to put together the lining and fabric so that the right sides are facing each other. Get your chalk to mark the correct measurement for the heading of your valance. Add half inch for the seam. Measure the pocket starting from the mark that you put for the heading. Mark this as well.
  • Begin sewing the window valance. Sew half-inch seam for the top to the bottom of the valance on one side without sewing the area for the pocket. Do this on the other side so that both sides will be closed aside from the pocket. Turn the valance inside out so the right side will show. Mark the valance with chalk for the lining of the pocket and use this as a guide for sewing. Sew by following the mark that you made.

Insert the rod through the pocket of the window balance and put this back on the window. This simple valance will change the overall look of your window adding style and beauty to it.


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