How To Sew Beads onto a Dress

If you have creative hands and you love making arts and crafts, you can use your creativity in turning simple clothes to fashionable and stylish ones. You can do this on your spare time and make different designs on your plain clothes using different craft materials. There are fabric paints and glitters available, which you can use for designing. There are also buttons, patches and sequins and other craft material that are used as well. Aside from jewelry making, beads can also be used for improving the look of your clothes. You can sew this to attach the beads and add details to your shirt.

Here are the steps on how to sew beads onto a dress.

  • Prepare the things that you will use in sewing the beads. These are scissors, beads that you will use for designing, needle and thread. Make sure that the beads that you will use have holes where you can insert the thread and needle. Choose a thread that has the same color as the dress so that it will not be visible when you sew the beads.
  • Search for a design or pattern. Lay your shirt on the surface and imagine what design or pattern you want to use. You may want to browse on books or search the Internet for images to use as design. This can be any design that you like. If you’re just starting to do this, better choose simple designs first to make it easier for you like heart, circles or stars. You can then go for intricate designs once you’re familiar.
  • Decide where to sew the beads. After deciding what design or pattern to use, decide on what area you will put it on the dress. Visualize where the design will look best. Once you have decided where to sew the beads, get your thread and needle to start sewing.
  • Sew the beads on the dress. Insert the thread through the needle’s eye. Prepare the beads as well and put these near you. Make sure to put these in a container so these will not roll anywhere. Insert the threaded needle from the wrong side of the dress going out the right side. Put a bead down the needle then add two more. You can add more beads but since you are still starting, it’s best to start with few beads at a time so you can easily remove these if there was a mistake with the pattern. After putting three beads down the needle, insert the needle back down to the wrong side. Lock the thread on the wrong side and cut this using scissors. Make sure that the thread is not too loose and not too fit so the beads will be secured properly on the dress. Repeat the same steps to continue with the pattern. If you’re already used to it, you can add more beads that you put down the needle until you finish the design.

You can sew beads on your friend’s plain dresses and they will like it for sure. Turning a plain dress into something fashionable does not need magic nor big amount of money. Your creativity will bring new life to your dresses.


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