How To Sew Curtains

Curtains are used to decorate a room and keep too much light from coming in. If you like sewing and are planning to make your own curtains, it is not impossible to do.

Follow these steps to sew your own curtains:

  • Determine the size of the curtain that you want. First measure the final length of the curtain that you want and add it to the length of the facing. The facing is also called the “header”. This is the pocket that will be slid onto the curtain rod. Add the sum of the two to the length of the hem that you want. Make the hem bigger if you are working with a light fabric. The hem should be around 2 to 3 inches. Multiply this by the number of curtain panels that you need and divide it by 36 inches to find out the amount of fabric that you will need. Get the width by measuring the area that you want to cover and multiplying it by two. Add 2 inches to the measurement for the hems. Take into consideration the division of the panels.
  • Gather the materials that you will need. To sew curtains you will need to prepare the following:
        • Curtain fabric
        • Sewing machine
        • Needle and thread
        • Measuring tape
        • Iron and board
        • Shears or scissors
  • Prepare your fabric. Trim the crooked edges of your fabric before you work on your curtains. When done, fold all a half inch hem on all the edges and press starting with the sides.
  • Make the side hems. Fold one-inch hems on the sides of the panels and press. Use your sewing machine to stitch the hems in place. Remember to secure your stitches by setting the sewing machine on reverse before moving forward.
  • Make the facing and the rod pocket. Fold a half-inch hem on the top edge of your panel and press. When you are done, fold the facing depending on the size that you decided on earlier. Press this again. Use your machine to do a straight stitch for the first half-inch hem and secure it using a back stitch. Mark the measurement that you decided on for the rod pocket and stitch the upper line to make it.
  • Make the bottom hems. Fold a half-inch hem on the bottom edge of your panel and press. Use your sewing machine to do a straight stitch or a blind stitch to put the hem in place.
  • Make the valence and tiebacks. This step is optional. You can choose to skip it if you already want your curtain the way it is. To make the valence, you will need additional fabric in the same width but in a much shorter length. The length is your decision to make. Follow the same steps in making the curtain panel. To make the tiebacks, use additional fabric and decide on the width and length that you need for your curtain panel. Add an inch all around to your measurement for the hems. Start by folding the fabric lengthwise with its right side facing each other. Sew the seam leaving a small opening. Turn the fabric right side out and press. Stitch the opening closed.

You can now put up your curtains! Enjoy!


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