How To Sew Narrow Jeans

It can be a hassle to look for new clothes when you are already comfortable with the ones that you own. For more creative people, they can turn old clothes into new-looking attires by altering a little here and there.

You do not have to be a professional seamstress to alter your own clothes. If you are looking for something new but do not want to spend, you can give your clothes a different look.

Take your jeans for example. Do you think they are too baggy and cannot be worn with any of your shirts anymore? You can sew to make them narrow. Just follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Prepare the materials that you will need. To sew narrow jeans, you will need the following:
        • An old pair of jeans
        • A sewing machine
        • Denim thread
        • Sewing machine needle for denim fabric
        • Shears or scissors
        • Pins or tailor’s chalk
  • Measure how narrow you want your jeans to be. Take your old pair of jeans and turn it inside out. Wear your jeans the normal way that you would. Look in the mirror and check how it looks on you. Start from the crotch area by pinching it by the in-seam depending on how narrow you want them to be. Use a pin to hold it together. Work your way down until you reach the bottom of one of the legs. Do the same for the other leg. When you are done, use the tailor’s chalk to mark where you have to stitch the new in-seam. This will make taking the pants off easier.
  • Prepare your sewing machine. Go to your sewing machine and prepare the denim thread and needle. Try sewing through scrap denim fabric so that you have an idea of how your machine goes.
  • Sew the pants. Once you have gotten yourself familiar with how your sewing machine works with the denim fabric, you can start sewing your narrow jeans. Still with the pair of jeans inside out, press the jeans so that you can work with it smoothly. Start stitching by the crotch following the pattern or curve of the old seam but on your markings. Remember to first set the sewing machine in reverse to lock the stitch.
  • Sew the flare of the jeans. When you get to the bottom part of your legs, you will have to be decided already on how big or small you want the flare to be. Follow this when stitching. Again, when done, set the sewing machine in reverse to lock the stitch.
  • Try your narrow jeans on. Now that you are done stitching the new in-seam, turn your jeans right side out. Fit the jeans and see whether the new narrow sewing satisfies you.
  • Trim the excess denim fabric. If you are already satisfied with the fit of your repaired jeans, turn it inside out again and trim the excess in-seam using your shears or scissors. Make sure that you leave enough allowance for the stitches to not loosen up later.

You are done sewing your narrow jeans. You can also follow the same process to alter your other pants or shorts. Just remember to use the proper needle and thread size and the proper thread color. Enjoy your newly made over pair of jeans!


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