How To Sew Trim to a Pillow

Making furniture and home décor by yourself is a project that gives your home your personal touch and helps you identify with it. You can easily make curtains, pillow cases, quilts, and whatnot that match to complement the theme of your rooms.

Adding a trim to a pillow gives it a new look and makes it an interesting piece of decorative furniture. To sew trim to a pillow, follow these steps:

  • Measure the amount of trim that you need. Measure the outer edges of the pillow that you want to add a trim on. Get the sum of the measurement of the pillow’s lengths and widths. Add about two to three more inches to the quantity that you obtained. The number is the length of the trim that you will need.
  • Prepare the materials that you will need. To sew trim to a pillow, you will need the following materials:
        • Trim
        • Pillow fabric
        • Stuffing for pillow
        • Sewing machine
        • Needle and thread
        • Scissors
        • Measuring tape
  • Wash your fabric and trim. Before working on your pillow, wash the fabric together with the trim so that you do not have to worry about cleaning them later. You can use the pillow immediately after you are done stitching.
  • Put the trim in place. Take your pillow fabric and lay it down on a flat surface with the right side facing you. Get your trim and position it along the edges of the pillow fabric. The design or tips of the trim should be pointing towards the inner center of the pillow. You will be turning this inside out later on, making the trim sort of pop out. Pin the trim in place for sewing.
  • Sew the trim onto the pillow. Using your sewing machine or needle and thread, sew along the edges of your trim onto the pillow. If you are using a sewing machine, set it on straight stitch or narrow zigzag stitch and use a zipper foot in place of the presser foot.
  • Stitch the pillow fabric in place. Take the other half of your pillow fabric and lay it on top of the side of your first pillow fabric, now with the trim stitched on. Make sure that the second pillow fabric’s right side is facing the right side of the one with the trim on. You will be turning this inside out after stitching. Pin the two fabrics in place. Stitch along the edges making sure that you do not ruin the trim by stitching over it. Leave a small opening of about 3 inches for the stuffing.
  • Fill the pillow. Turn your pillow fabric rights side. Fix the edges so that the trim “pops out” properly. Fill the pillow with stuffing through the small opening that you left out earlier. When you are done, you can use your needle and thread to sew it shut.

You have successfully attached the trim of your pillow. Create more projects with trimmed pillows and use it to decorate your home. Enjoy!


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