How To Shadow Box in a Small Apartment

Shadow boxing is considered a great overall workout for your body. But it could prove to be quite a challenge with a limited space in your small apartment. So to help you with this, here’s how to shadow box in a small apartment.

  • Getting started. The concept of shadow boxing is to have a full body workout with an imaginary sparring mate. However, since you have limited space in your apartment, it’s recommended that you have a mat fit enough to accommodate basic foot work in boxing. This enclosed space will act as your boxing ring. Just make sure to keep it free from dangling items that might impede your shadow boxing.
  • Warm up exercises. Be sure to have ample time for stretching and muscle toning prior to shadow boxing. This will help prevent injuries and maximize the overall effect of the workout. Set around 10-15 minutes of simple stretching and light exercises to prepare your muscles.
  • Equipment to be used. Your workout may be categorized into two sections with different set of improvised boxing equipments. The first one uses weights to maximize the power and explosiveness of your punches. There are available weights that range 5 to 10 pounds. This starter weights are considered perfect for shadow boxing to tone up your upper body strength. On the other hand, the second one includes the use of a firm mattress to act out as a regular punching bag. The important factor here is to constantly be in motion as you try to give and leash out your combination.
  • Improving the footwork. Try to focus your lateral and horizontal movements as you connect with you punches. This may not provide you a maximum workout for your legs but nonetheless it can still deliver enough speed and power to support your upper body. Just make sure that your body rhythm is in tune with each stride of your feet.
  • Knock out combination. Have sets of punches in short but precise counting. Go with one-two combinations and some hooks on the side. Gradually increase the workout by including uppercuts and even three-four combinations. Mix and match various combination simulating an actual counter-punch as you do your shadow boxing. Have at least four to five combinations per minute in each round. Make sure that you have enough stamina to follow your boxing regime.
  • Cool down. You should also take into consideration your breathing pattern and the recovery of your position. This is to maintain your balance and the power of your punches. Make sure you still deliver fast and crisp punches as if it was really a sparring match. Just be sure to include rest and proper body cooling down techniques every time you finish your session.

Remember that the efficacy of shadow boxing is not anchored on the punches alone. Proper body coordination and a sound balance is the key to generate desirable effects even if you’re just shadow boxing in your small apartment.

Now you can shadow box even in a small apartment! Be ready for some explosive boxing action while you sweat it out and give yourself a full body workout.


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