How To Share a Work Desk

In some jobs that utilize so many people, there is the inevitability that you might have to share your desk and workspace with someone in a later or earlier timeslot. This setup could become chaotic if you and your partner do not know how to handle it. Sharing your work desk and workspace is very easy and simple to do. Just follow the tips below, which show you how to share a work desk.

  • Meet in the middle. The main thing you will both need to make sharing a work desk peaceful and a breeze is cooperation. You two must, at all times, cooperate with each other and meet in the middle. You two may have different ideas on how to make this work so try to get the points you guys agree on. Write them down. This is the start of your contract or agreement.
  • Set your ground rules. In order to have a peaceful working relationship with your partner, it is imperative to set up some parameters. First, divide the number of drawers between the two of you. Allocate an equal number of drawers to each other and label them. This will prevent the both you from going through each other’s things. Next, set up the work space on the desk. Talk to each other and finalize the plan. Will you put each other’s things in their respective drawers or will you leave the desk empty after each shift? These are some of the questions you two should be able to answer.
  • Be respectful. Second to being cooperative, you have to be respectful. You should respect not only the desk but more importantly the belongings of your partner. Make sure that if you do have to move your partner’s things, put them back in the exact place where you found them on the desk. Or, make sure to let him or her know that you moved his or her things and put them in one of the drawers. Just make sure to be very specific and detailed in your message. Next, make sure to also respect the desk since it is not only you who is using it. Try not to make a mess on the table: try to avoid spilling any drinks and food over the table. If ever you do, make sure to clean it as soon as possible so it does not leave a stain. Also, do not put unnecessary markings on the desk. Make sure to properly cover the table when dealing with permanent makers so the ink does not bleed on the table.     
  • Just remember. Always keep in mind that you are not the only user of the table. Be as cooperative and respectful as you can be and your partner will do just the same. This will help avoid any work conflicts.

Just follow these simple steps listed above so you can peacefully share a work desk. Always keep in mind that having a good relationship with your co-workers can make your work life a whole lot easier.


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