How To Share a Yahoo! Photo Album

During this holiday season, there will be so many fun and great memories that you and your family will have that you would want to preserve for years to come. So you pull out your camera and take what seem to be a million candid pictures throughout this holiday season. And after the holidays are over, you pull out your camera once more, grab its memory card and slide it into your computer. You are hoping to share all these memories with your loved ones. The only problem is you do not know how. By following the simple steps below, you will be able to learn how to share all of these wonderful memories through Yahoo!

  • Make a choice. There are a number of ways you can share photo albums on Yahoo! (or Y!). You can share it on Yahoo! Messenger or Y!M which is very easy to do, as long as your friends and family are online. You can also choose to upload the photos onto your Yahoo! Mail by clicking on the “My Photos” application. Or, you could just email the photos to your friends.
  • Yahoo! Messenger. First of all, for this work, you must download Y!M and install it onto your computer. Just go to Yahoo!’s website and look for the Messenger widget on the left (it has a smiley face). Click on it and follow the instructions to download and install it. Afterwards, input your username and password and log in. Now, look for the friend you want to share photos with and double click on his/her name. Once the chat window has popped out look at the top right of the window. Look for the “Photos” button and click it. All you have to do now is to wait for your friend to accept the invitation. Once he/she does, upload the pictures you want to share by clicking on the “Add Photos” button. From there you just have to choose which pictures you want to share.
  • Use “My Photos". Start up your Internet and log onto the Yahoo! website and then go to your mail. Afterwards, look at the bottom left of your screen and look for “Applications”. Click on the “My Photos” application. From there, click “Upload Photos” which is on the bottom right. From there you simply just have to pick which photos you want to share. Afterwards, click on any part of the picture and add the names of the people you want to share the photos with. One click is equivalent to one name. When you are done, click upload photos.
  • E-mail the pictures. This can be the most tedious form of sharing photos on Yahoo! because you have to wait for the pictures to load unless you have a super quick Internet connection. Go to the email portion of Yahoo! Mail and insert the email addresses of the people you want to send the photos to. After doing so, look at the task bar below the E-mail addresses and click on the paper clip (attach files). You can attach up to 10 files per E-mail so just add any pictures you want to share. If you have more than 10 then simply send them another E-mail.

You now know how to share photo albums through Yahoo!. So this holiday season, do not hesitate to take hundreds of photos of you and your loved ones. Just do not forget to share them!


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