How To Sharpen Scissors

When your scissors have rusted and dulled it’s time to bring it to a shop that does this using a machine. It’s faster and involves less effort on your part other than paying up for the job. However, if you have more than one scissor to sharpen and you’d like to try this on your own, you can take these tips and do the sharpening yourself. Now be mindful of this important nugget of wisdom: you can sharpen sewing scissors or gardening shears by yourself but if you happen to want to sharpen hair-cutting scissors, you have to bring this to a professional. Hair-cutting scissors are expensive and will involve a professional way of sharpening because of its shape so don’t take any chances especially if your bread-and-butter happens to be cutting hair.

Sharpen scissors using sandpaper and a sharpening stone.

  • Buy sandpaper and sharpening stone from a hardware or carpentry store. Choose a sharpening stone with a smooth side. Once you have the stone, here’s how to sharpen the scissors on it.
  • Pick your working area. Make sure it’s at waist level, stable, spacious, and well-lit. You need it to be at waist level so you can work comfortably without straining your neck or your arms.
  • Wipe the scissors clean using a thick hand towel. This will dislodge any accumulated dirt and rust on the scissors.
  • Get a piece of sandpaper. Lightly rub the sandpaper against the parts of the scissor that have rusted. When you see that the rust is slowly fading, stop and wipe the scissors once more using the towel.
  • Take the sharpening stone. Place it at the center of the towel.
  • Take your scissors. Spread the metal blades wide. Take a hold of the sharpening stone and place the scissors underneath it. With one metal blade of the scissors facing you, rub the stone from end to end of the sharp edge using gentle strokes. Picture this in your head before proceeding: depending on your dominant hand, your left hand will be holding the scissors while your right hand holds the stone firmly. Rub the stone as instructed until you can see that the metal blade is sharpening. Repeat the procedure on the remaining metal blade.
  • Touch each metal blade carefully. Using your sense of touch, you should feel the sharpness of the metal blade of the scissors against your skin.
  • Close the metal blades of the scissors with a quick snap. This gets rid of debris that remains on the scissors.
  • Clean up. Your scissors are now ready for another cutting session.

Sharpen scissors using aluminum foil. If it’s a pair of basic scissors that need sharpening, good ol’ aluminum foil will work magic on it.

  • Tear off a piece of aluminum foil.
  • Fold in the center and repeat folding until the foil is about a third of its size.
  • Take the scissors and use it to cut strips of aluminum foil. The material comprising the aluminum foil helps sharpen the blades of the scissors.
  • Continue cutting strips through the entire aluminum foil.
  • Test the sharpness by cutting through regular paper.
  • If you need to sharpen the scissors a bit more, repeat the procedures until desired sharpness is achieved.

Now you have two basic steps that you can try at home. Both will work well to achieve your purpose.


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