How To Sharpen Tweezers

There are two things that you can do when faced with a dilemma about tweezers that no longer give the squeeze and pull that you need. First, you can ditch them and buy new tweezers, which is the more logical step. Second (which is really plan B) when you don’t have the time to pop by your favorite pharmacy or beauty counter to get new ones, would be to sharpen the old ones yourself. Mind you, you have to have good eyesight to sharpen your old tweezers. Here are the steps that you'll need to sharpen tweezers.

  • You will need these. A cotton ball or Q-tip, rubbing alcohol, sandpaper, emery board (the kind you use when filing your nails), and those old tweezers. For sanitary purposes, pour just a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a piece of cotton wool or a Q-tip. Rub the disinfectant on the entire body of the tweezers. Let it dry.
  • Cut a small portion of sandpaper. Make sure it hasn’t been used before. Used sandpaper will affect the success of this task. If you don’t have sandpaper available in your home, reach for the emery board in your mani-pedi set. The emery board will do the job as effectively.
  • Use the sandpaper as a tweezing board. You know the drill that you use when plucking unwanted hair? Use the same procedure on the sandpaper. “Tweeze” the sandpaper as if you were pulling out unwanted hair. Repeat this motion over and over until you have exhausted the entire length of that piece of sandpaper. When you’re done with one side of the tweezers, flip it over the other side and sharpen following a “tweezing” motion until all the areas of the sandpaper have been given a thorough tweezing. Aside from sharpening those tweezers, the sandpaper will also effectively get rid of dead skin that was left clinging to the surface of the tweezers.
  • Use the emery board as a finishing sharpening tool. If you are dealing with a particularly problematic set of tweezers e.g. rusty and the blades are a little bent out of shape because of forceful handling, get an emery board and start to sharpen the blades to get it back in shape. Again, it is advised that you use an underused emery board so that your efforts are not wasted. It will take about five to seven “rub-throughs” to sharpen those tweezers.

If it happens that neither sandpaper nor an emery board works, it’s time to do the following:

  • Get on the Internet. Surf for online stores that sell tweezers. You are most likely to stumble on a website that sells a tweezers set that includes a sharpening tool that is made exactly for the tweezers contained in the set. Find a set that has a smoothing stone for best results.
  • Find Tweezerman on the Internet. This is a website that sells and receives old tweezers and brings them back to you good as new!

Finally, you have to remember that you can only do your best efforts at keeping your old tweezers in good condition but in the long run this might be an unhealthy practice. Make the effort to drop by a pharmacy or beauty counter as soon as possible to purchase new tweezers. It’s only a buck or two anyway, less if they're on sale!


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